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GuoPing Zhang Professor

Academic Area: 
International Law
Research Interests: 
  • Corporate Law
  • International Investment Law

Bachelor of Law, Southwest University of Political Science and Law, 1982.

Working Experience:
2001- Now, Professor of Nanjing Normal University Law School, PHD Supervisor, Dean of the International Law Staff
Member of the JiangSu People’s Standing Committee Legislation Panel
Associate Director of the Jiangsu Society of International Law
Associate Director of the JiangSu Society of Commercial Law

Journal Articles:

“Research on the Enterprises’ Legal Status and Legislation System”, Jianghai Academic Journal, 2006 (6).
“Problems of the Corporate Capital System”, Jianghai Academic Journal, 2001 (5).
“Study of the Staff Involvement in Corporate Governing”, Journal of Nanjing Normal University, 2002 (3).
“Vacancy and Loopholes of Chinese Stockholder Litigation System”, Nanjing Social Science, 2002 (11).
“Problems of BOT Investment System Design”, The Journal of Jiangsu Administration Institute, 2003 (11).
“Legal Analysis of the Corporate Governing”, Nanjing Social Science, 2004 (2).
“The Convergence of the State- owned Enterprises and the Modern Enterprises Property System”, Nanjing Social Science, 2006 (3).
“Analysis of the Transnational Corporate Transferring Pricing”, Jinling Law Review, 2006 (Autumn).
“The Implications of the Corporate Social Responsibility”, JiangSu Social Science, 2007 (5).
“The Relations between the Enterprises Group and Affiliated Enterprises”, Journal of Nanjing Normal University, 2007 (4).
“The Types and the Economic Nature of the Cooperative Society”, Jianghai Academic Journal 2007 (5).
“Analysis of the Anti- Purchas of Foreign Capital Merger”, Nanjing Social Science, 2008 (1).
“Market Access & Anti- Monopoly Control of the Foreign Capital Merger”, Journal of Nanjing Normal University, 2008 (6).
“The Evolution from the Family Group to Cooperative Society”, JiangSu Social Science, 2009 (6).
“The Harmonization of the Foreign Enterprises and Chinese Enterprises Law System”, Nanjing Social Science, 2010 (5).
“The System Design of the Stockholders Representatives Litigation”, Nanjing University Law Review, 2010 (Autumn).
“The Analysis of the Chinese Oversea Investment Income Tax System”, Jianghai Academic Journal, 2010 (6).
“The Convergence of Chinese Non- profit Organizations and Wealth Legal Persons System”, Jiangsu Social Science, 2012 (1).
“The Shortcomings and Perfection of the Chinese direct litigations system”, Journal of Politics and Law, 2012 (9).
“Security Group Litigation: Path and Type”, Jiangsu Social Science, 2013 (4).
“The Special Purpose Carrier of Chinese Asset Securitization”, Jianghai Academic Journal, 2013 (6).
“Interpretation of the pre- access National Treatment and Negative List”, JiangSu Social Science, 2015 (3).


Corporate Law (Revised), Nanjing Normal University Publishing House, 2006.
Basic Law System of Modern Enterprises, Law Press Publishing, 2004 (2nd Prize of Jiangsu Philosophy & Social Excellent Award).
The Basic Theory and Utilization of the Law (The Guidance book for Jiangsu Province Government Staff Training), Associate Editor, Nanjing Normal University Publishing House, 2006.
The Theory and Practice of Foreign Direct Investment, Law Press Publishing, 2009 (2nd Prize of Jiangsu Philosophy & Social Excellent Award)

Research Projects:

The Legal Problems of the State- owned Enterprises Shareholding System Reform, Jiangsu Social Science tenth Five-Year Plan  (H2-006),   Leader.
The Law Infrastructure of the Modern Enterprises System, Jiangsu Educational Ministry Social Science Projects(01SJB820005), Leader.
Study on Chinese Enterprises Law Modernization, Nanjing Normal University 211 Project Construction Branch- Projects.
Research on the Foreign Purchase Law System, Major Research project of Jiangsu Education Ministry 2006 Jiangsu Philosophy & Social Science (06SJ8820008);
Study on the Control of Foreign Merger involving Jiangsu Enterprises, Jiangsu Law Society 2006 project.
Research on Foreign Direct Investment Law System, P.R. C Education Ministry Social Science funding Project (08JAS20019);
Legal Problems of Agriculture Cooperative Society, Nanjing Normal University Social Science interdisciplinary major project, 2009.
Research on the Soft- law Governing of the Private Lending, Jiangsu Law Institute Major Study Project (SFH2011A05);
Study on the System of Handling the Grouping Issues Lawfully- From the Perspective of the Security Group Litigation, Jiangsu Law Institute Major Study Project(SFH201304).