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Guorong Qin Professor

Academic Area: 
Society Law


Qin Guorong was born in October, 1965. He received the Bachelor of Law, Master’s and Doctoral degrees in 1986, 1997 and 2003 respectively.

He is currently Professor of Law, Doctoral Tutor and Director of Institute for Humanities & Social Sciences at Nanjing Normal University.


Academic and Social Affiliations                                         

·Executive director of Society Law of China

·Director of Securities Law of China

·Executive Director of Labor Association Professional Committee of labor security supervision of China

·Vice President of Social Law Research Association of Legal Society of Jiangsu Province

·Secretary General of Economic Law Research Association of Jiangsu Legal Society

·Executive Director of Jiangsu Province Administrative Law and Economic Law Research Council

·Executive Member of the Jiangsu Provincial Judge Selection Committee and Prosecutors Selection Committee.


Research Interests                                                     

·Theory of economic law

  • Legal rules of WTO
  • Theory and practice of labor as well as social security law


Selected Publications                                         


More than 50 articles in the China’s Legal Science, Jurist, Legal Science, Science of Law and other provincial academic journals, of which more than 40 in key journals of law and CSSCI journals.


Edited Books:

12 textbooks and academic works, independently composed and co-edited 4 academic works.



·Internal Logic of the Civil Society and Law (2005, fully funded by Jiangsu Province Philosophy and Social Science Key Academic Works, published by the Social Sciences Academic Press)

· Labor and Social Security Legal System (2004, fully funded by Nanjing Normal University Young Scholars Collections, published by the Nanjing Normal University Press)

· Protection of Labor Rights and Labor Law Amendment (funded by National Social Science Foundation, published by People’s Publishing House in 2012, No.11 version).


Research Projects                                           

·The National Social Science Fund “Protection of Labor Rights and Labor Law Amendment” (2005-2007)

·Jiangsu Province Philosophy Social Science Fund Project “Mechanism of Labor Dispute Law System” (2010-2013)

·Humanities and Social Sciences of the Ministry of Education Designated Fund Project (2010-2014)

·Jiangsu Province Philosophy and Social Science Fund Project “WTO Legal Rules and Chinese Economic Legal System Construction” (2004-2006)

·Key Project of Jiangsu Province Law Society “Research into Non-fixed-term Labor Contract System” (2008-2009)

·Jiangsu Provincial Government Legal System Project “Labor Supervision and Labor Rights Protection” (2009-2010)

·Jiangsu Province Education Department of Humanities and Social Science Fund Project “WTO Rules and Chinese Legal Construction” (2002-2004)

 ·Key Project of Jiangsu Province Education Science Planning Project by 11th Five-Year Plan “Legal Management and Legal Protection of the Rights of College Students” (2008-2010)


His current research projects are National Philosophy and Social Science Fund Project “Research into the Legal Regulation of Labor Capital Ethics” (2014-2018), Key Major Project of Humanities and Social Science Foundation in Jiangsu Province Department of Education “Legal Regulation of Labor Relations and Construction of Harmonious Jiangsu” (2010-2017).


Awards for Academic Research                                             

·His monograph Intrinsic Logic of Civil Society and Law won the Sixth Jiangsu Province College Philosophical and Social Sciences Outstanding Achievement Award in 2008, and the Third Prize Excellent Achievement Award in the Fifth Humanities and Social Science Research of Colleges and Universities in 2009.

·His thesis “Non-fixed-term Labor Contract: Labor and Capital Ethics Orientation and Institutional Arrangements” (Chinese law, 2010 (2)) was awarded the Third Prize in the Twelfth Jiangsu Philosophy and Social Sciences Outstanding Achievement.

· His monograph Labor Rights Protection and Labor Law Amendment was awarded the Third Prize in the Thirteenth Jiangsu Province Philosophy and Social Sciences Outstanding Achievements.

· One of his articles won the First Prize in Thirteen Provinces and Autonomous Regions Outstanding Law Paper Award in 2001 and 2007 respectively.

· In 2007, he won the title of “Jiangsu Outstanding Law Researcher”.

· In 2010, he won the honorary title of “ The Second Jiangsu Outstanding Young Jurist”.