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Guoying Li Associate Professor

Academic Area: 
Intellectual Property Law
Research Interests: 
Intellectual Property Law

Educational Background

PhD, Intellectual Property Law, Zhongnan University of Economics and Law (2013)

MA, Jurisprudence, Nanjing Normal University (2004)

BA (Second), Economic Law, Nanjing University (1992)

BA(First), Economics, Nanchang University (1990)



Research Interests

Intellectual Property Law


Research Projects

Study on the confliction and coordination of intellectual property and public benefits, Jiangsu Provincial Education Department’s Project for High School Humanities and Social Sciences(07SJB820006), Leader, 2007.07-20012.12

Study on the intellectual property early warning mechanism on Innovation economic development in Jiangsu, Jiangsu Provincial Science Department’s Soft Science Project(BR2010066), Leader, 2010.05-2010.12

Study on the theory and practice study of intellectual property “double degree” talent education, The major project of Nanjing Normal University’s education innovation, Leader, 2011.06-2015.06


Journal Articles

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Guoying Li, “Economic Globalization: A Catalyst for Historic Development”, Forum of World Economics & Politics, 2004(1), 14-17.

Guoying Li, “On the Conflict and Coordination of Benefits in Copyright Protection through Technological Measures”, Jianghai Academic Journal, 2007(3), 209-215.

Guoying Li, Wanghong Liu, “The Reform of China’s Country collective Land Right System during Social Transformation, Science of Law ,2007(4), 86-94.

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GuoyingLi, “The Explaining Capabilities of Information Rights--- A legal Analysis Tool of ‘Human Flesh Search’", Jin Ling Law Review, Spring 2010, 70-74.

Guoying Li, “Thoughts on the Basic Problems of Iintellectual Property Right Education in Universities”, Jiangsu Higher Education, 2011 (1), 98-99.

Guoying Li, “ The Optimization and Innovation upon Intellectual Property Personnel Training Pattern in Higher Education”, Higher Education Forum, 2012(2), 70-72.

Guoying Li, Yali Li, “The Legal Analysis on the Activities of Imitating Foreign Trademarks”, Jin Ling Law Review, Spring 2012, 114-120. 

Guoying Li, Theoretical Basis of IPR Restriction——Internal Restriction or External Restriction or Something Else?, Journal of Nanjing Normal University(Social Science Edition), ,2014(5), 61-70.