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Hailiang Yan Professor

Academic Area: 
  • Human Rights
  • Constitutional Law
  • Jurisprudence
  • Political Philosophy

Education background 

  • Ph.D of Law, Chinese Academy of Social Science( 2007)

  • Master of Law, Nanjing Normal University(2000)  

  • Bachelor of Politics, Nanjing Normal University(1993) 

Research Projects 

  • Research on Judicial Interpretation of Human Rights in Contemporary China, sponsored by National Social Science Foundation of China,leader,2016-2019.

  • Empirical Research on Judicial Interpretation of Human Rights(1981-2014), sponsored by China Law Society,2015-2016.

  • Research on the Theory of Cultural Legislation”, sponsored by Fundation of Social Science of Jiangsu Province,2012-2016.

  • Post- Legislation evaluation on Nanjing City’s Regulations , sponsored by the People’s Congress of Nanjing,2012.

  • Harmonious Society and Constitutional Protection of Human Rights, sponsored by Education Bureau of Jiangsu Province,2007-2010.


  • 1.Human rights in the Globalized world, Beijing: Law press, in 2015.

  • 2.The Shift of Paradigm for Human Rights’ Justification: From Subjectivity to Relationality, Beijing: Social Sciences Academic Press, in 2008.

Journal Articles

  • 1.“Towards the Dignity-Based Functional Theory of Human Rights”, Global Law Review,No.4/2015.

  • 2.“On Rawls’s Political conception of Human Rights in The Law of Peoples”,Journal of Guangzhou University,No.11/2015.

  • 3.“The Practical Dimension of Human Rights’ Conception”,Academia Bimestrie,No.5/2015.

  • 4.“Plight of Judicial Authority and Countermeasures”,The Journal of Jiangsu Administration Institute,No.6/2015.

  • 5.“Elements of Rule of Law”,Jinling Law Review,Spring/2015.

  • 6.“How to Identify and Cope With the Unnecessary Repeats in Local Legislation: Taking Seven Local Legislations on the Solid Waste for Example”,Law and Social Development, No.4/2014.

  • 7.“Reflection on the Theory of Sovereignty in the Context of Global ‘Association Revolution’”, Science of Law, No.2/2011 .

  • 8. “The Right-based Conception In view of Interests: Analysis of Raz’s Concept of Rights”,Law and Social Development ,No.5/2010.

  • 9.“The Controversies of Human Rights and Its Resolution Under the Perspective of Globalization”,  Academia Binmestris, No.4/2010.

  • 10.“Rule of Law and Harmonious Conception of Human Rights In View of Chinese Culture”, Chinese Journal of Law, No.4/2009. 

  • 11.“The Stipulation of ‘the State Should respect and Protect Human Rights’”: Its Meaning, Restrictions and  Realization, Jinling Law Review, Spring/2009.

  • 12.“Human Rights and Harmony: Research From the perspective of the State of Law”, Journal of Nanjing Party Institute of CPC, N0.6/2008.

  • 13.“From subjectivity to relationality: the Paradigm Shift of Justifications For Human Rights”, Law and Social Development,N0.5/2008

  • 14.“Reason and Freedom: Kant on the Foundation of Human Rights”, Human Rights Studies, Volume VII,2008.

  • 15. “Democratic Interpretation of the Stipulation of ‘The State Should Respect and Protect Human Rights’”, Study & exploration, No.2/2007.

  • 16. “The Realization of Human Rights Protection Principle: the Approach of Normative Constitutional Law”, Journal of Changshu Institute of Technology, No.1/2007.

  • 17.“Transcendence of Human Rights Versus the People’s Sovereignty: Exploring Habermas’Theory of the People’s Sovereignty”, Academia Binmestris,No.6/2005.

Academic Awards

  • Third Grade Price of Jiangsu Philosophy and Social Science Research award(2011).

  • First Grade Price of 7th Jiangsu Philosophy and Social Science Research Award(2010) .

  • Nanjing Normal University Sino-Western Culture research Award(2010).


  • Phone:  +86-13951752945
  • Email: