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Hanbin Wang Associate Professor

Academic Area: 
  • Civil procedure law
  • Administrative procedural law

Educational Background

  • Master of Laws, Nanjing Normal University (2001)

  • LL.D, Docter of Laws,Nanjing Normal University (2008)

Research Projects

  • 1,Jiangsu Provincial Department of education key topics: "the human nature of civil action" (host,2005); 

  • 2, Jiangsu Provincial Social Science Fund Project: "the study of labor public interest litigation system" (host,2007); 

  • 3, the Ministry of Justice Project: "anti employment discrimination and the construction of the labor public interest litigation system" (host,2008) 

Journal Articles

  • 1, public interest litigation and the construction of a harmonious society, "study and exploration" in 2006 fourth; 

  • 2, on the basis of human nature and the constitution of the right to appeal, "Jiangsu social science" in 2007 sixth; 

  • 3, brief discussion on the revision of the "Civil Procedure Law" the guiding ideology, "academic exchange" in 2005 first period; 

  • 4. Some theoretical errors and deficiencies in the research on the reform of the civil implementation of the sixth phase of the social sciences in Guangdong in 2006; 

  • 5, third people to withdraw the lawsuit system perfect, "Tianjin law" in 2015 second (second author) 


  • Research on Res judicata of administrative judgment, legal publishing house, March 2009


  • +86-25-86225236