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Hao Li Professor

Academic Area: 
Civil Procedure Law


    Li Hao was born in november in 1951,who was from Wujiang ,Jiangsu Provincea.He gratuated from Southwest University of Political Science and Law with master of law. Now he is a professor and doctoral supervisor of law at Nanjing Norrmal University. He is one of members of academic committee of China Law Society , senior vice-chairman of Civil Procedure Law Institute,vice-chairman of Arbitration Law Institute, special advisor of Supreme People's Court,expert consultant of Supreme People's Procuratorate,chairman of Civil Procedure Law Institute in Jiangsu Province.

Main research achievements

    Published works:Studuy on the Burden of Proof in Civil Procedure, Studuy on Civil Procedure Reform, Studuy on Frontier issues of Evidence Legislation in Civil Litigation,Theory and Application of Stipulation of Civil Evidence, Theory and Practice of China Civil Procedure Law(joint works),Monograph on China Civil Procedure Law(joint works),Construction of Judicial Modernization and Civil Procedure System(joint works).He published more than 70 thesis in Chinese Journal of Law, Chinese China Legal Science,Peking University Law Journal, Jurists Review,Modern Law Science,Law Review,Journal of Law and so on. He has presented over 10 scientific research projects,including projects of the National Social Science Foundation of China, key research projects of Supreme People's Court,key research projects of Supreme People's Procuratorate,ministry key research projects under China Law Society and projects of the Justice Department,etc.

His main research fields are civli procedure law and civil evidence system.Magnum opuses include Studuy on the Burden of Proof in Civil Procedure,Separation of Mediation and Trial in Civil Trial,Theory of Modification on the Civil Retrial Procedure and Difficulties and Outlet of Time Limit System for Adducing Evidence.


    He has achieved the title of Advanced Worker in Anhui province in 1997. He has been rated as the Young and Middle-aged Experts with Outstanding Contributions in 2006. He has received many honors at provincial and ministerial level.For example,he has won the first prize of the second Outstanding Research Achievement in National Party School System in 1998 and the first prize of the fifth Outstanding Sientific Research Achievements of Philosophy and Social Science in Anhui province in 2001. He has won the first and second prize of Excellent Scientific Research Teaching of Law and Jurisprudence in 2002 and 2006. He has achieved the first prize of the ninth Outstanding Research Achievement in National Party School System in 2005,the second prize of Outstanding Research Achievements of Jurisprudence of China in 2011 and the second prize of the fifth Qian-duansheng Prize for Research in Law in 2014.