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Jie Zhao Professor

Academic Area: 
criminal investigation
Research Interests: 
  • criminal investigation
  • evidence technique
  • evidence law

Basic Information

female, is from Huaiyin, Jiangsu.

During this career, she had established more than ten courses, such as criminal investigation, investigation strategy, checking tactics and criminal offense information. She had also established a laboratory for crime scene simulation, a laboratory for scene sketching, and a laboratory for media sketching. In 2002, Zhao was assigned to the director of law laboratory in Nanjing Normal University School of Law, and had developed the laboratory to a model education center of law experiment through her 3-year effort. In 2006, Zhao organized and established the Nanjing Normal University Centre of Forensics Science.

Educational Background

graduated from SouthWest University of Political Science and Law, School of Criminal Investigation.

Zhao had been studying graduate courses in National Police University of China in Shenyang, from 1986 to 1987.


the director of law laboratory in Nanjing Normal University.

Jiangsu Police College Department of Investigation since her graduation in 1984, taking charge of education and scientific research of criminalistics. 

the head of teaching and research section of criminal investigation in 1996, and was employed as an associate professor in 1999.