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Jinhua Ji Professor

Academic Area: 
  • Constitutional Law
  • Administrative Law

Educational Background

·                        PhD, Legal Theory , Nanjng Normal University (2006)

·                        MA, Law, Nanjng Normal University (2001)

·                        BA, Rock-mineral Analysis, Chengdu University of Technology (1984)

Professional Experiences

·                        1984-1998, Senior Engineer, Geology Investigation Institute in Jiangsu Province.

·                        2001,Lecturer, School of Law, Nanjing Normal University.

·                        2013,Part Time Qixia District People's Court Vice President.

·                        Present, Professor, School of Law, Nanjing Normal University.

Master and Doctor Advisor, Constitutional Law and Administrative Law Major.

Executive Chief Editor, Jin Ling Law Review.

·                        Social work: Executive Director of China Society of Comparative Law; Executive Director of National Academy of Foreign Legal History Study; Member of China Law Society Research Journal; Vice President of Jiangsu Province Law Society Jurisprudence and Constitutional Studies; Legal Adviser of Changzhou Municipal People’s Government Legal Adviser.



Research Interests

·                        Legal Theory

·                        Constitutional Law

·                        Western Legal System History

·                        Modern Judicial Theory

Research Projects

Study on the Theory and Practice of the Modern Judicial System and the Constitutional System.

·           "The Judicial Basic Research of The Harmonious Society", National Rule by Law and Legal Theory Research Project of The Ministry of Justice.

·          "The Social Mechanism and the Legal Realization Mechanism of the Formation of the Judicial Authority" and "Legal Issues of Collective Land Expropriation in the Process of Urbanization ", Jiangsu Provincial Department of Education Humanities and Social Science Foundation Projects.

·          "Research on Cultural Mechanism Judicial Authority Generated ", the National Social Science Foundation Project (12FXA002), Leader.

·          "Judicial Activism and Social Justice"(10ZD&043-5), under" Safeguard Judicial Justice and Social Justice ", Major National Tender Project.

·          "Study on Judicial Response Mechanism of Public Opinion", Planning Foundation Project of the Ministry of Education (11YJA820029), Leader.


Works and Journal Articles


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Journal Articles

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