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Jinwen Xia Professor

Academic Area: 
  • Legal system modernization
  • Comparative law culture
  • Teaching and Research on Modern Theory of Justice lawsuit
Research Interests: 
  • Legal system modernization
  • Comparative law culture
  • Teaching and Research on Modern Theory of Justice lawsuit

Educational Background

PhD, History of China Traditional Legal System Renmin University of China(1997)
BA,Law Major,Nanjing University(1982)​

Research Projects

  • Host two of the ninth five-year plan and The Tenth Five-Year national social science fund project
  • One items of the national education science the Tenth Five-Year Plan
  • One key project of Ministry of Justice of the People's Republic of China the Tenth Five-Year Plan
  • One items of Philosophy and social sciences of Jiangsu Province planning project
  • One items of Jiangsu province "333 project" Project supported by funds
  • Two items of Jiangsu education humanities and social science fund project
  • One items of  education Department of Jiangsu new century education teaching reform project
  • For more than 10 items of national and provincial scientific research projects

Journal Articles

The main achievements in scientific research in ten years

  • Negotiation and Reconciliation: the Essence of Litigation - Procedural Philosophical Analysis Social Sciences in Nanjing2006
  • Teleological action: conflict resolution and protection of human rights-Based on studies of Procedural JurisprudenceAcademia Bimestris 2006
  • Chinese Legal Modernization Methodology position Tribune of Political Science and Law 2006
  • Dong biwu’s theoretical system of judicial thinking peopleJiangsu Social Sciences 2006
  • Legal Profession: a kind of legal professional style-In the Perspective of Modernization of Justice ?Jurists Review 2006
  • Nature Orientation and Value Dimension in Social Transformation Case guide system Legal Science 2009
  • Paradigm Chinese legal history research and innovative ideas Chinese Journal of Law 2009
  • Theory and Practice of Teaching Connotations requirements China University Teaching 2009
  • The judge needs the guidance system of jurisprudence Legal Science 2010
  • Justice in Transition Mechanism guiding case Science of Law(Journal of Northwest University of Political Science and Law) 2010
  • Currently active judicial need to solve six relations and Solutions Journal of Law Application, 2010
  • Contemporary Chinese Judicial Reform: Achievements, Problems and Solutiont -Analysis of a the people-centered court China Legal Science 2010
  • Justice Morality and legal method Chinese Journal of Law, 2011
  • Under the guidance of practical logic system Context judicial precedent Journal of Soochow University(Philosophy & Social Science Edition), 2011
  • Referee instruments the legal basis for the accumulation of deep reasons-In difficult cases the civil judge for the analysis of objects Law Science 2012
  • Logic and Philosophy of the development of Legal Philosophy-the explanation of Pound’s "Legal History interpretation" Explanation Tribune of Political Science and Law, 2012
  • The truth in the Field of Justice cases identified hotspots:the Explanation of the Peng yu case ’sSociology of Law
  • Time Value of "rule of law in China" concept Law and Social Development, 2013
  • Discussion on basic issues outstanding legal talent education and training China University Teaching, 2013
  • Basic Theory of Legal Framework for regional legal system;Law and Modernization, 2013
  • Jurisprudence Thinking about the Development of Regional Rule of Law -A preliminary research framework Journal of Nanjing Normal University(Social Science Edition) 2014
  • Regional?Rule of Law Culture -Explanation of Meaning, mode of operation and development path Science of Law Journal of Northwest University of Political Science and Law) 2015


  • "Chinese Legal System Modernization Process" (co-author, 1991)
  • "Criminal sociology" (co-author, 1991)
  • "On the Tang Code Analysis" (co-author, 1993)
  • "Conflict and Fusion of Legal Culture" (co-author, 1993)
  • "Modern Theory of jurisprudence" (co-author, 1996)
  • "Social Change and legal development" (monograph, 1997)
  • "Contemporary Chinese legal revolution" (associate editor, 1999)
  • "Deng Xiaoping Thought of Legal System" (co-author, 1999)
  • "Contemporary Chinese legal revolution" (associate editor, 1999)
  • "Introduction to Law" (edited by the Ministry of Education planning materials, 2000)
  • "Administrative litigation strategy" (co-author, 2001)

Honors and Awards

  • In 1997 he was named Jiangsu Province"333 project" cross-century academic leaders of the third-level training candidates,
  • In 1999 he won the second session of the "China Top Ten Outstanding Young Jurists" Award nomination,
  • In 2000 he was named the first "Jiangsu Province 10 outstanding young jurists"
  • In 2001 he was named Jiangsu Province "333 Project" in the new century academic leaders of the second level training object,
  • In June 2003 he was won the Jiangsu Provincial People's Government awarded the "Jiangsu Youth five four medal"
  • In October 2003 he was won the first in Jiangsu Province Higher "education teacher" title,
  • In 2006 he was named the Ministry of Personnel and other seven ministries, "New Century Talents Project" national candidate
  • In 2007 he was named in Jiangsu Province "333 high-level personnel training project" the first batch of young leading scientists,in the same year he won the People's Government of Jiangsu Province outstanding teaching achievement awards first higher education,
  • In 2008 he won the fourth National College "Distinguished Teacher"
  • In 2009 he won the sixth national higher education teaching achievement award two prize
  • In 2010 it presided over the "theory of law" teaching team was named national teaching team,
  • In 2011 he won the Jiangsu Province the third phase of "333 Project" Outstanding Contribution Award

Academic Title

  • Ministry of Education Law School teaching guidance committee vice chairman,
  • Executive president of Confucianism and Chinese Legal Culture Research Association
  • Executive director of Chinese Legal History
  • Chinese Legal Education Research Association
  • Chinese Research Society of Comparative Law
  • Chinese Jurisprudence Research Association
  • Vice president of the Law Society of Jiangsu Province
  • Vice President of the Institute of Higher Education in Jiangsu Province
  • Legal Education Research Association of Jiangsu Province, 
  • Member of the NPC Law Committee of Jiangsu Province, 
  • Jiangsu Provincial People's Congress legislative expert advisory group leader