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Lee Zhao Associate Professor

Academic Area: 
civil law
Research Interests: 
  • Marriage inheritance law
  • Contract law

Educational & Work Background

2003-2005 Doctoral Course  International Economic Law, Yokohama National University ,Japan

2001-2003  Master  Course  Economic Law, Yokohama National University ,Japan

1987- 1995  Court Clerk, Assistant Judge, Court of Nanjing Qinhuai District

Research Projects

Research On the Will,Law Acad. of Jiangsu Province

Journal Articles


1.On establishing a couple of daily family representative system,Jianghai Journal 2009(6)

2.The affirmation and perfection of the form elements of will,north Law,2012(5)

3.The Amendment of Japanese Heritage Reserve System And Its Enlightenment, politics and law, 2013(3)

4.Reconstruction of wills witness system,Haixia law,2013(1)


1.The discussion of modifications on Chinese Formalities of Wills and Implications from Japanese law, Yokohama International Economic Law,

 Translation Book

Case formed new Japanese tort law, Law Press,2008.12