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Lingli Zheng Associate Professor

Academic Area: 
International Law
Research Interests: 
  • International Economic Law
  • WTO Law


♣ S.J.D of Law, Wuhan University, 2006

♣ Master of Law, Wuhan University, 2003

♣ B.A., Wuhan University, 1999

Professional Career:

♣ 2011-2012 Visiting Scholar of Faculty of Law of University of British Columbia, Canada

♣2010-   Associate Professor of Law School of Nanjing Normal University, China

♣2007-   Editor of Jinlin Law Review of Law School of Nanjing Normal University, China

♣2006-2009 Lecturer of Law School of Nanjing Normal University, China

Research Projects:

♣ Analysis on TPP Environment Chapter & Countermeasures of China, by National Planning Office of Philosophy and Social Science (2016-2019)

♣ Research on Regional Carbon Emission Trading Legal System, by Ministry of Education of China (2015-2018)

♣ Legal Countermeasures of International Trade Friction of Jiangsu Province, by Jiangsu Planning Office of Philosophy and Social Science (2008-2010)

♣ Bilingual Teaching of International Economic Law, by Nanjing Normal University (2007-2009)

♣ Research on Legal Countermeasures towards Natural Disasters, by Office of Legislative Affairs of Jiangsu Government (2008-2009)

♣ Comparative Study of Foreign Trade Law, the key project by the Chinese Ministry of Education (2006-2009)

♣ Research on WTO Case Law, by National Planning Office of Philosophy and Social Science (2004-2006)


♣ Norms and Regulations about Regional Trade Agreements in WTO, Nanjing University Press, 2008.

♣Issues of Jurisdiction in Foreign Civil Procedures, Wuhan University Press, 2008.

♣Case Study of the Contract Law of China (monograph), Shanxi Education Press, 2004;


♣ A Study on Conflict and Negotiation Mode of Environment Issue———With the Example of the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement,Pacific Journal,Vol.23,No. 4,2015;

♣ Discussion on Copyright Protection of Television Program Formats, Present Day Law Science, Vol. 6 2014;

♣Conflict between Trade-related Climate Measures and the WTO—A Theoretical and Empirical Analysis, Pacific Journal, Vol. 20 No.6, June 2012.

♣ Jurisprudence of WTO Law, Wuhan University Journal (Philosophy & Social Sciences), No.2 2009;

♣ WTO’s Innovation to International Economic Law under Economic Globalization, Wuhan University Law Review, No.1 2009;

♣ Legal Countermeasures of Avoiding Trade Protectionism under Financial Crisis, International Business Research, No.3 2009;

♣Thought of RMB Exchange Rate from the Perspective of International Law, World Trade Organization Focus, No.11 2005.

♣ Rule of Law in International Trade in the Era of Global Governance, Journal of Political Science and Law, No.5 2007.

♣ Rule of Law in International Trade & Global Governance, World Trade Organization Focus, No.12 2007;

♣Negotiation of Maritime Service Liberalization of WTO & Countermeasures of China, Research on Rule of Law, No.7 2007.

♣ Innovation of International Economic Law by WTO under Economic Globalization, World Trade Organization Focus, No.4 2008.

♣ On Legitimacy and Necessity of Anti-circumvention, World Economy Study, No.136 2005.

♣ The Challenges the WTO is Facing & Its Reform, Hebei Law Science, No.12 2004.

♣ The Comparison and Research between IMF, WB & WTO, Hebei Law Science, No.9 2004.

♣ On Function of Three Pillars of World Economy, World Trade Organization Focus, No.2 2004.

♣ A Comparative Study of the Three Pillars to the World Economy, International Economics and Trade Research, No.4 2004.

♣Analysis of Validity of Anti-circumvention & Revelation to China, World Trade Organization Focus, No.6 2003.

♣Economic Globalization & Unification of International Trade Law, International Economics and Trade Research, Vol.18 No.1 2002.

♣Inequity of European Anti-dumping Law & Countermeasures of China, Journal of Postgraduates in Wuhan University, Vol.17 No.3 2001.

Academic Activity:

♣Member, Society of International Economic Law

♣Member, Chinese Society of International Economic Law

♣ Member, Chinese Society of WTO Law

♣ Spoke at 24th ANZSIL Conference in Australian National University 30th June, 2016;

♣ Attended Asian International Economic Law Network (AIELN) Inaugural Conference 3rd August 2009;