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Min Liu Professor

Academic Area: 
Civil Procedure
Research Interests: 
Civil Procedure

Educational Background

PhD, Procedure law,Renmin University(2002)

MA,Jurisprudence, Nanjng Normal University (1998)

BA, Law, Nanjng University (1990)

BA, Management of ideological and political education, Nanjng Normal University (1987)


Professional Experiences

1987.8-, teaching assistant, lecturer, associate professor ,professor , Nanjing Normal University.

2002.10-2003.1 Visiting Research Scholar, Department of Law, Sheffield  University.



Research Interests

Civil procedure


Main Research Projects

Study on the Guarantee of Right of Action , National Social Science Foundation  China(07BFX070),  Leader,  2007.06-2010.06

Study on the Legislation of Chinese Family Procedure, National Social Science Foundation  China (13BFX080) ,Leader, 2013.06-2015.12\


Main Monongraphs:

1.Liu Min ,Civil Judicial Reform in Contemporary China, China legal system publishing house,2001.

2.Liu Min ,On the Right of Access to Justice—The Constitution Ideal of Civil procedure,China Renmin University Press,2003.

3.Liu Min, The principle and System:On the Modification of Civil Procedural Law,Law Press,2009.

4.Liu Min , On the Guarantee of Right of Action----inspection from Constitution and civil Procedure ,People’s Public Security University of china Press,2014.