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Qing Xi Associate Professor

Academic Area: 
  • Company law
  • Trust law
  • Fund Act
  • Contract Law and other relevant practice laws

Educational Background

  • JD, Economic Law, Nanjing University (2010)
  • LLM, Economic Law, Nanjing University (2003)
  • LLB, International Economic Law, Nanjing University (2000)

Research Projects

  • 1. Study on Internal Governance Structure of Managers as China Securities Investment Funds, Foundation for Young Scholars of Nanjing Normal University, Leader. 

  • 2. Study on Predicament and Legal Relief of the Rural Credit Guarantee Finance in Yunnan, Social Science planning project of Yunnan Province.

  • 3. Research on Fund Governance and Protection of Investor Interests, Project of Jiangsu Province.

  • 4. Research on Governance of Chinese Securities Investment Funds, Project of Humanities and Social Sciences of Provincial Education Department. 

  • 5. Legal Analysis of investment mode about State-owned "preferred stock" in the North of Yangtze River in Nanjing City.

Journal Articles

  • 1. Research on maintenance path of minimum resale price in US – struggle of "illegal- per se" and "rule of reason", Price Theory and Practice, 2015(4).

  • 2. Research on justification about interest override of fund share holders, Productivity Research, 2015(10).

  • 3. Research on justification about interest override of fund share holders in governance of managers as Chinese securities investment funds, Politics and Law, 2011(3).

  • 4. Situation, review and the pros and cons of industry restrictions of shareholder eligibility in securities investment fund managing company in mainland of China, Cross-Strait Law Review, 2011(6).

  • 5. Selection and improvement of incentive of managers holding shares in fund managing company, Commercial Research, 2011(8).

  • 6. Study on the effectiveness of restrictive provisions of equity transfer in the articles of association in Ltd, Social Sciences in Nanjing, 2009(12).

  • 7. Study on permit trading of the developer obligations in real estate and related legal issues, Trial Study, 2009(1).

  • 8. Research on legal problems of bid bond - on the dual legal nature of the released behavior of the tender documents, Special Zone Economy, 2009(11).


  • Study on governance of Chinese securities investment funds managers, Law Press, 2012(1).

Academic Title

  • Managing Director of Commercial law Institute, Jiangsu Province.

  • Managing Director of Finance and taxation law Institute, Jiangsu Province.