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Shanpeng Tang Associate Professor


Ph.D, Jurisprudence, Law School of Jilin University,2003 to 2006.
Research interests focus on the Legal Philosophy and legislation.
MA, Jurisprudence, Law School of Jilin University, 2000 to 2003.
BA, Law, Law Department, Huaibei Normal University, 1996 to 2000.

Academic conference participation

  • Participated in the Forum on the Western Legal Philosophy, (Jilin University,7,2005)

  • Participated in the 7th Conference of Legal Philosophy of East Asia (Changchun, China,9,2009)

  • Participated in the 9th Conference of Legal Philosophy of East Asia (Seoul, S. Korea, 8,2014)


  • Discussion on Legislation: From the Angle of Sociology of Law ( Jilin people press, China, 2005) (coauthor)

  • Legal Culture and Regional Rule of Law in China: From the Perspective of Jiangsu Province ( Law Press, China,2011) (coauthor)


  • "Determination Subject of Outdated Legislation in Hard Cases" Political Science and Law(2011)

  • "Place, Identity and the Rule of Law in Rural Area of China" Journal of Gansu Politics and Law School(2011) 

  • "The Limitation of Legislation: Comment on Hayek's Idea" Corpus of Western Legal Philosophy Reviews(Edited by Deng Zheng-lai)(2010)

  • "The Dimension of Restriction on Right Exertion of Legislative Power: Examination of the History of Ideas" Jinlin Law Review(2009)

  • "Judicial Treatment in Legislation Behind the Times: Review on Calabresian's A Common Law for the Age of Statute" Law and Social Development(2008)

  • "The Urban Tendency of Legislation and Protection of Peasants' Rights in China" Social science journal(2008)

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