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Shuanlin Cui Associate Professor

Academic Area: 
Civil law

Educational Background

PhD, Civil law, XiaMen University (2005)

MA, Economic law, Shanxi University of Finance and Economics (2002)

BA, Law, Shanxi University of Finance and Economics (1999)

Research Interests

Civil law

Research Projects

Study of the Animal’s Legal Status from the Private Law Perspective, Humanities and Social Science Research Plan of Ministry of Education(08JC820025), Leader,  2008.09-2012.12.

Journal Articles:

  1. Shuanlin Cui, The Reflection to the Query, Law Science, 2000, 8.
  2. On the Legal Status of Animals: An Analysis from the Private Law Perspective, Hebei Law Science, 2008, 26(3), 96-100.
  3. Shuanlin Cui, On the Legal Status of Deceased—Taking the Publicity Right of the Deceased Abroad as Main Object of Investigation, Journal of Shanxi Normal University, 35(3),41-43.
  4. Shuanlin Cui, On the Meanings of Personality: An Analysis from the Private Law Perspective, Science of Law, 2008, 26(4), 51-58.
  5. Shuanlin Cui, Study of the Essence of State-ownership based on the Management of State-owned Capital, Hebei Law Science, 2008, 26(9), 40-45.
  6. Shuanlin Cui, On the Animal-Rights View: an Analysis from Kantian Philosophy of Law, Presentday Law Science, 2010, 8(4), 33-39.
  7. Shuanlin Cui, The disguised Rationality and the lost Subject: On the Animal-Rights View of Tom Regan, Jianghai Academic Journal, 2011, 5,228-233.
  8. Shuanlin Cui, The Defect and Correction of the Categorization of Private Legal Entity in Chinese Civil Law: From the Perspective of Public Legal Entity Theory, Science of Law, 2011, 29(4), 83-94.
  9. Shuanlin Cui, The Connotation of the Concept of Animal Welfare: In the Context of Animal-object View, Hebei Law Science, 2012, 30(2), 91-98.Books:


  • Shuanlin Cui, On the Division and Expansion of the Personality in Civil Law, BeiJing: Law Press, 2009.
  • Shuanlin Cui, On the Animal’s Status from the Private Law and Ethics Perspectives, BeiJing: Law Press, 2012.



Telephone: +86-25-85891392