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Wanghong Liu Professor

Academic Area: 
  • Jurisprudence
  • Constitution
  • Administrative Law
Research Interests: 
  • Administrative Law
  • Constitution
  • Jurisprudence

Research Projects

  • He hosted one items of National Social Science Fund Project

  • He hosted three items of Jiangsu Province, Philosophy and Social Sciences

  • He hosted four items of planning project Education Department of Jiangsu Humanities and Social Science Fund Project

  • He hosted one items of  Provincial Education key planning project 

Journal Articles

  1. Rule of Lawful government standards,The Chinese Procurators,2006
  2. Tradition and Modernity: Western constitutionalism movement generated historical Causes,Law and Social Development,2006
  3. The basic concept of lawful government,Journal of Nanjing Normal University(Social Science Edition), 2006
  4. Citizens' basic rights guaranteed under the program policy,Jiangsu Social Sciences,2006
  5. Relationship between Folk Law and State Law,Jianghai Academic Journal, 2007
  6. The constitution of 1954 and Contemporary Chinese Constitutional Government Modernization——Memorial "The Constitution of 1954" fifty-four birthday anniversary, Law and Social Development,2008
  7. Socialist theory of rule of law,Reality Only,2008
  8. Modernization paradigm and chinese jurisprudence’s "Ideal picture", Northern Legal Science,2009
  9. On the basic framework of the rule of law to urban construction,Journal of Gansu Political Science and Law Institute,2011
  10. On the construction of administrative law mediation ,Academia Bimestrie, 2011
  11. Legalization of social management innovation and social governance,Law Science,2011
  12. The Socialist Core Value System:concept, characteristics and practical path,Jianghai Academic Journal,2011
  13. A lively practice of practicing scientific outlook on development,Masses,2011
  14. Social management innovation and democratic participation in the construction of the rule of law, Academia Bimestrie ,2013
  15. Under the current situation,the implementation of the Party's mass line approach and method, Masses,2013
  16. On the governance path of legalization,Nanjing Journal of Social Sciences,2015


  1. "Conflict and Fusion of Legal Culture," (co-authored 1993)
  2. "Administrative and Legal - Chinese Administrative Legal System Modernization" monograph 1998)
  3. " The Process of Chinese Legal System Modernization " (volume), co-published 1998
  4. " The Revolution of Contemporary Chinese Law " (1999 Associate Editor)
  5. "Legal Consciousness" (monograph 2001)
  6. "State and Society: the basic theory of modern rule of law" (monograph 2004)
  7. "Education Law Guide" (edited in 2006)
  8. "Comparative Legal System Modernization" (ed. 2009)
  9. "Research Series socialist core values: democracy articles" (ed. 2015)

Honors and Awards

  • He won one items of Jiangsu Province Philosophy and Social Sciences outstanding achievement two prize 

  • He won one items of Jiangsu Province Philosophy and Social Sciences outstanding achievement three prize 

  • He was Jiangsu Province, "333 Project" third level training candidates

  • He was Jiangsu blue engineering academic leader training candidates

  • He was Jiangsu Province, the first "A Group Of Five Talented Person "

  • He was "Jiangsu Province Ten Outstanding Young Jurists"

  • He won "National Outstanding Young Jurists' nomination

  • He was Jiangsu Province "Outstanding Graduate Tutor"

  • He was national "Fourth Five-Year Popularize Law;" advanced individual

  • He has guided students won the national "Challenge Cup" National College Students Science and Technology Innovation two prize 

Academic Title

  • Chinese Jurisprudence Research Association
  • Chinese Constitutional Law Research Association
  • China Youth Federation Social Scientists Association executive director
  • Standing Committee member of the Legislative Expert Group of Jiangsu 
  • Jiangsu Province and Nanjing City Expert members of Administering the province and city Law
  • Nanjing Intermediate People's Court and Changzhou Intermediate People's Court Judicial Expert Advisory Group members
  • Qidong City People's Government, Deputy Head of the Legal Adviser
  • Jiangsu Jurisprudence, vice president of the Constitutional Studies