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Wei Xiao   Associate Professor

Academic Area: 
  • Private International Law and Comparative Civil & Commercial Law
  • Maritime Law
  • International Investment Law


  • PHD, International Economic Law, FUDAN UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF LAW (2014)

  • JOHNS HOPKINS UNIVERSITY-NANJING UNIVERSITY  Center for Chinese and American Studies (1999-2000)

  • LLM, Foreign Economic Law, JILIN UNIVERSITY(1998-01)

  • B. A., Economic Law, JILIN UNIVERSITY (1994-98)


  • “WTO Dispute Settlement Mechanism”, funded by Nanjing Normal University for teachers with oversea experience, 2008- 2009.

  • “Judicial System and Function of WTO” funded by Jiangsu Provincial Educational Ministry High School Philosophy and Sociology Research, 2009- 2010.

  • “Study of WTO Trade Remedies” funded by NJNU Law School, 2009- 2010.

  • “Fair and Equitable Treatment in International Investment” funded by Jiang Su Law Society, 2015-2016.                                                     

Journal Articles: 

  • 1. Wei Xiao (second author): “The Evolution of the Foreign Investors Protection Mechanism”, Present Day Law Science, (2) 2016.

  • 2. Wei Xiao, “Thinking of the Revolution of Foreign Capital Market Access of Shanghai Free Trade Zone”, Jin- Ling Law Review (2014 August);                                                     

  • 3. Wei Xiao, “The Analysis of the Implications of Fair and Equitable Treatment in International Investment”, Jin- Ling Law Review (2013 August);                                                   

  • 4. Wei Xiao, “The Legal Regulation of Hedging Fund”, Jin-Ling Law Review (2012 August);                 

  • 5. Wei Xiao, “The Shortcomings of the WTO Remedy System and the Prospect of Modification”, Jin- Ling Law Review (2011 Spring);                                                              

  • 6. Wei Xiao, “A Review of the WTO Trade Remedies- from the Perspective of the Activism of the DSB”, (23) Journal of Politics and Law. 9 (2009);                                                 

  • 7. “A Study on the Monetary Compensation System in the WTO Trade Remedies”, JiangSu Journal of Social Science . 4 (2009)                                            

  • 8. Wei Xiao, “A Study on the Procedures of WTO Winning Party’s Application for authorization of Retaliation, (26) Hebei Law Review. 1 (2008);                                             

  • 9. Wei Xiao, “The Dispute Settlement of the ‘Sufficiency of the Implementation of WTO Decision’ ”, (28) Law Science Magazine. 6 (2007);         

  • 10. Wei Xiao, “Analysis on the Fairness of the WTO GSP System from the perspective of ‘India v. EU Case’ ”, (21) Contemporary Law Review. 6 (2007);

  • 11. Wei Xiao, “Analysis on the Relationship between the WTO Agreement and Judicial Review of China”, Journal of Wuhan Science University. 1 (2005);   

  • 12. Wei Xiao, “Study on the Recognition and Enforcement of ‘de- localized’ Arbitration Awards”, Beijing Arbitration Law Journal. 3 (2004). 


  • Phone: +86- 13851832981
  • E- Mail: