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Yanqiang Wang Associate Professor

Academic Area: 
Criminal Law

Educational Background

  • ·PhD, Criminal Law, Nanjing Normal University (2013)
  • ·MA, Criminal Law, Northwest University of Political Science and Law (2006)
  • ·BA, Bachelor of Laws, Northwest University of Political Science and Law (2003)

Research Projects

  • ·Research on quantitative factors in criminal constitution, national social science foundation for young scholars of china (12CFX033), Leader, 2012.06-2015.02

  • Journal Articles

  • ·Yanqiang wang, “The Judgement on the Legal Interest’s Consistency in Competitions of Crime”, The Jurist, 2016 (2),60-75.

  • ·Yanqiang Wang, “Research on the Theory of Culpable Illegality”, Journal of Comparative Law, 2015 (5), 108-124.

  • ·Yanqiang Wang, “Recognizing Mistakes Concerning Criminal Quota Factors in Common Crime”, Science of Law: Journal of Northwest University of Political Science and Law, 2015 (6), 82-90.

  • ·Yanqiang Wang, “Distinguishing between Aggravating Conditions and Sentencing Rules”, Modern Law Science, 2013 (3), 116-129.

  • ·Qiang Wang, “Dealing with the Special Relationship of Article Concurrence”, Chinese Journal of Law, 2012 (1), 144-162.

  • ·Qiang Wang, “Quota Factor: Constitutive Element of Crime or Objective Punishment Conditions”, The Jurist, 2012 (5), 14-38.

  • ·Qiang Wang, “Combining Leniency with Harshness: In the Vision of the Modern and Scientific Criminal Policies”, Jiangsu Social Sciences, 2012 (6),126-131.


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Honors and Awards

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