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Yao Tang Associate Professor

Academic Area: 
  • Criminal procedural law
  • Evidence law

Educational Background

  • PhD, Procedural law,Nanjing Normal University (2008)

  • MA, Procedural law,Nanjing Normal University(2003)

  • BA, Pedagogy, Nanjing Normal University(1992)

Research Projects

  • The Construction of Judicial Hearing System in Criminal Procedure, Project of JiangsuEducation Department(05SJB820011), Leader

Journal Articles

  • Study on the necessity of thehearing system before community correction, Jinling Law Review, Autumn 2010

  • Study on the Terms in Bringing Educational Commonweal Pleading, Education Science, June 2016

  • Criminal Mediation: A Possible Path from Conflict to Harmony, Journal of Law Application, No.12, 2006

  • Study on thePerfection of Power Allocation and Restriction Mechanism in Pretrial Review Procedure—Starting from the Relationship between Pretrial Review and the Effect of Public Prosecution, Academics, No.1, 2005

  • A Comparative Study of Public Prosecution Judgement in Three Districts of China, Journal of Nanjing Normal University (Social Science Edition), No.1 2005.

  • Study on Just Correction of Corrective Justice—Jurisprudential Reflections on the Impartiality of Judicial Compensation, Contemporary Law Review, No.7, 2003

  • China’s Tradition of Judge—made Law and its Modernization, Journal of Jiangsu Police Officer College, No.1, 2002

  • Study on Transplantation and Localization of Plea Bargaining, Journal of Nanjing University of Science and Technology (Social Science), No.2, 2002


  • Conflicts and Transitions: Law Reforms in Modern China(member of editors), China Renmin University Press, 2012

  • Criminal Procedural Law(member of editors), Higher Education Press, 2014

Honors and Awards

  • In 2007, Reforms and Innovations of Cultivating Legal Talents with Interdisciplinary, in which I participated, gained a top prize (ranking 4th in all 5 top prize winners) in Jiangsu Province-level Teaching Achievement Award.

  • In 2006, I was awarded a first prize in the 13th Nanjing Normal University’s Teaching Achievement Award (ranking 3rd in all 5 first prize winners).

  • In the 2005 “Challenge Cup”,Report on the enforcement of    The New Regulation on Marriage Registration, whose author is instructed by me in the competition, gained a third prize (ranking 1st in all 2 third prize winners).


  • +86-25-85898224-427