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Zheng Pang Professor

Academic Area: 
  • Philosophy of right
  • Legal sociology
Research Interests: 
  • Legal sociology
  • Philosophy of right

Educational Background

  • BA, Thought Politics Education, Nanjing Normal University (1990)

  • MA, Legal theory, Nanjing Normal University (1997)

  • PhD, Legal theory, Jilin University (2006)

Research Projects

  • Research on Legal function and Realization of Social Organization (08BFX016), NSSFC (2008.6.15.-2010.12.31.)
  • Research on Legal function of Social Organization (07JC820027),Humanity and Social Science Youth Foundation of Ministry of Education of China(2007.11.16.- 2010.12.31.)
  • Research on Democratic Management and Social autonomy of Social Organization in Harmonious Society (07FXC014), Philosophy and Social Science Foundation of Jiangsu Province(2007.9.20.- 2009.12.30.)

Journal Articles

  • Pang Zheng: On Restriction of Powers in the Social Dimension,Social Science Front 2016, No.2
  • Pang Zheng: Rule of Law Order in the Social Dimension,Legal Sciences 2016, No.1
  • Pang Zheng, Li Dan: A Discussion on the Views of Knowledge behind Hayek’s Thoughts of the Rule of Law, Journal of Gansu Political Science and Law Institute, 2014, No.2
  • Yang Jian, Pang Zheng: The Conceptual Dimension of Legal Culture and the Disenchantment of Its Difference between China and the West, Jianghai Academic Journal, 2013, No.2
  • Yang Jian, Pang Zheng: The Significance of the Legal Principles to the Judicial Activism, Zhejiang Social Sciences 2011, No.10
  • Pang Zheng: On the Basic Theories of Legal Relation, Research on Rule of Law, 2010, No.6
  • Pang Zheng, Yang Jian: Key Issues on Legal Principles, Journal of Nanjing Normal University (Social Science Edition), 2010, No.1
  • Yang jian, Pang Zheng: Dworkin and Alexy’s Principle Theories for Definition of Legal Principle and Legal Rule, Hebei Law Science, 2009, No.11
  • Pang Zheng: The Finiteness and Rectification of Representative legislation-- With the Function of Legislative Participation of The Third Sector, Social Sciences 2008, No.2
  • Pang Zheng: The Diversity and Consistency of Legal Concept—With the Reflections of Researches in Chinese legal system, Zhejiang Social Sciences 2008, No.1
  • Pang Zheng, Yang Xiaomin: Social transformation and Chinese Legal Modernization, Law and Social Development, 2007, No.5
  • Pang Zheng, Wu Wei: the theoretical response to the oppugn of constitutionality of draft of property, Journal of Nanjing Normal University (social science edition), 2006, No.6
  • Pang Zheng, Yang Xiaomin: A Book Review of From Marx to Derrida, Jianghai Academic Journal, 2006, No.4
  • Pang Zheng, Zhang Lirong: On the Legal Protection of Social Interests, Changbai Journal, 2005, No.1
  • Pang Zheng: legal Interpretation on Marriage, Law and Social Development, 2004, No.3
  • Pang Zheng: A Clarification of Essential Theories in Legal System, Journal of Nanjing Forestry University (Humanities and Social Sciences Edition), 2003, No.3
  • Pang Zheng: Theory of Internal Limitations of Legal Regulation with Coordinated Development of Moral Regulation, Social Science Front 2002, No.6
  • Pang Zheng, Jin Linnan: The Thinking of Research Paradigm of law in modern China, Academic Research, 2001, No.2
  • Jin Linnan, Pang Zheng: On Common Tendency of three major schools of Modern Western law Study, Journal of Hohai University (Philosophy and Social Sciences Edition), 2000, No.1
  • Pang Zheng: On Conflict of Rights, Jianghai Academic Journal, 1999, No.6
  • Pang Zheng: The Rule of Law Teaching and Ideological and Political Education of colleges, Jiangsu Higher Education, 1999, No.5
  • Pang Zheng: A Book Review of Social Change and Law Development, Political Science and Law, 1999, No.4
  • Pang Zheng, Xia Jinwen: To the Legal Modernization Studies of the New Century, Science of Law, 1997, No.2
  • Pang Zheng: On Law Philosophy Thought of Marx's civil society theory, Jiangsu Social Sciences, 1996, No.1
  • Pang Zheng: Legal System and The Rule of Law, a Discussion in the View of Legal Culture, Journal of Nanjing Normal University (Social Science Edition), 1995, No.4


  • The Progress of Theoretical Development of Legal Historical materialism,Nanjing Normal University Press(2006)

  • Societal Dimensions of the Rule of Law,Law Press·China(2015)

Honors and Awards

  • The Academic Leader of Nanjing Normal University, 2008.

  • Excellent Graduate Student Tutor, 2011.

Academic Title

  • Member of Chinese Jurisprudence Research Council, 
  • Vice President of Jurisprudential and Constitutional Research Association in Jiangsu Province,
  • Researcher of Institute for Chinese Legal Modernization Studies


  • Tel: +86-25-85898016-420
  • Email: