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Academic preview:From Discovery of small molecule regenerative medicine to the R&D of polypeptide / protein medicine

       Dr. Yang Pengyu, an institute fellow of The Scripps Research Institute (TSRI) and California Institute of Biomedical Research (Calibr), is scheduled to deliver an academic report on July 5, 2016 11:00 a.m. at the invitation of Prof. Deng Cheng from NNU School of Life Sciences and the Youth Committee of Jiangsu Society of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Lecturer: Dr. Yang Pengyu, fellow of The Scripps Research Institute (TSRI) and California Institute of Biomedical Research (Calibr)

       Dr. Yang obtained his doctorate of science at the National University of Singapore in 2011. His main research direction at the time was the development and application of an analysis technique based on active proteome to determine the biological targets for small molecules and natural products. After graduation, he joined a research team at TSRI & Calibr headed by Peter G. Schultz, which has been engaged in the R&D of bioactive small molecules, polypeptides / protein and antibody drugs, and thoroughly studied targeted immunotherapy for diabetes, obesity and cancers. He discovered and identified a new small molecule compound that can inhibit the Hippo pathway, and be used in the treatment of degenerative diseases, in-situ repair and regeneration of tissues and organs. He constructed a new “binding” technology platform which was applied to the R&D of clinical compounds of a series of long acting polypeptide drugs for adjusting endogenous hormones. He published over 30 scientific papers in PNAS, Chemistry & Biology,JACS, ANGEW and other international reputable journals, which have been cited for over 1,200 times altogether. He has applied for four international patents for inventions. PR Newswire, GlobeNewswire, Bionity, and Faculty of 1000 once mentioned his work. He is the special reviewer for over twenty journals including “Chemistry & Biology ”,“ACS Chemical Biology ”,“Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry”, “Medicinal Research Review”, “RSC Advances”,and “European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry”. In 2010, he was awarded the “CHINESE GOVERNMENT AWARD FOR OUTSTANDING SELF-FINANCED STUDENTS ABROAD”.


       In his report, Dr. Yang discussed the discovery of small molecule regenerative medicine and the development platform of polypeptide / antibody drug. In the first half, based on the Hippo pathway, the screening of the small molecules of the YAP transcription coactivator in the process of skin regeneration in molecular, cellular and animal models was discussed. In the second half, he discussed the applied cases of a new “binding” technology platform in the R&D of long acting polypeptide drugs for adjusting endogenous polypeptide hormones.

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