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Academic Events

Academic report

Speaker: Honglin Liu, Professor

Host: Prof. Fuliang Du

Time: 1:30 pm, Dec. 22th, 2020

Place: Seminar Hall, College of Life Sciences, Nanjing Normal University


Honglin Liu, professor of College of Animal Science & Technology, Nanjing agricultural University, invited by Prof. Fuliang Du, presented a scientific seminar entitled “Molecular Mechanism of Porcine Antral Follicle Development and Atresia” at College of Life Sciences on Dec. 22th, 2020.

Prof. Honglin Liu is the director of China animal husbandry and Veterinary Society and China zoological society, the director of national animal genetic marker society and vice director of Jiangsu zoological society. He has been engaged in the teaching and scientific research of animal reproduction and molecular breeding for a long time. His studies were founded by key projects of NSFC, "863" project, "973" project, etc, and published more than 100 SCI papers.

In the report, Prof. Honglin Liu discussed the molecular mechanism of let-7 family miRNA regulating porcine follicular atresia, the endocrine and epigenetic mechanism of porcine estrous disorder, and the effect and mechanism of oxidative stress on porcine antral follicular atresia in a rigorous way based on his own research results.  At present, his main research direction are the animal molecular breeding and the regulation of animal reproductive traits.