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Academic Events

Academic report: Epigenetic regulation and chronic pain

At the invitation of Prof. Long Chen from College of Life Sciences, Nanjing Normal University and Jiangsu Key Laboratory for Molecular Medicine Biotechnology, Dr. Guangyin Xu, distinguished professor of Jiangsu province, innovation and entrepreneurship talent program of Jiangsu province, leading talent of Jiangsu shuangchuang team, distinguished professor of Soochow University, PhD supervisor, deputy director of Institute of Neuroscience, and director of Pain Translation Medicine Center, Soochow University, came to our college for academic exchange on January 16, 2018. In the morning, Prof. Xu visited Jiangsu Key Laboratory for Molecular Medicine and Biotechnology, Laboratories of Cell Biology Institute and Biochemical and Biological Products Institute, and conducted in-depth exchanges with leaders of the college and institutes.

In the afternoon, Prof. Xu gave an academic lecture titled "Epigenetic regulation and chronic pain" at the round meeting room on the third floor of Xingzhi building. Teachers and graduate students from College of Life Sciences participated in the seminar. In the report, Prof. Xu firstly pointed out with the latest statistics that the number of patients suffering from chronic pain diseases has exceeded the sum of all heart disease, cancer and diabetes patients. Then, Prof. Xu lively introduced the research in his Lab with three aspects: etiology and pathology of chronic pain, new intervention strategies for chronic pain and animal models of chronic visceral pain. He summarized and proposed that DNA methylation/demethylation homeostasis unbalance is involved in chronic pain, and there exists disease and/or tissue and cell specificity in DNA demethylation mechanisms, and the hypothesis/theory of the origin of chronic visceral pain. Prof. Xu's wonderful report aroused an enthusiastic repercussion and he had a lively discussion and exchange with all the teachers and students attending the symposium.