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Academic Events

Academic report: Global limnology - a personal perspective; Aquatic ecosystem monitoring and research in Lake Poyang, the biggest freshwater lake in China

    On April 22, 2017, Prof. Martin Dokulil, a senior researcher of Austrian Academy of Sciences, and Prof. Chen Yuwei from Nanjing Institute of Geography and Limnology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, at the invitation of Prof. Yang Zhou from college of life science of Nanjing Normal University (NNU), came and delivered a report for academic visit and exchanges in NNU. Teachers, graduate students and undergraduate students from related fields attended the academic report.
    Martin Dokulil is a Univ.-Doz. of the University of Vienna and external Univ.-Prof. in Botany (Limnology) at the University of Vienna, also the deputy Director of the Institute, the head of the Department Mondsee of the Institute for Limnology, and the national representative of the International Association for Limnology (SIL). He is an expert in quantitative ecology of freshwater algae. He has published more than 70 articles in the leading international journals (e.g. Limnology and Oceanography) and many monographs on limnology. Prof. Dokulil gave a lecture entitled “Global limnology - a personal perspective”. In this report, he showed his academic thoughts and ideas from the present situation of global freshwater environment, distribution of lakes, existing problems, future research direction, and other multiple aspects. He emphasized the importance of the large scale and multi-level angle in the research of global lakes and suggested that we should pay more attention to the health and stability of ecological system structure of small lakes. After the report, Prof. Dokulil had in-depth academic exchanges with the attending teachers and students, and made detailed answers to the questions raised by teachers and students.    
     Another speaker is Prof. Chen. Prof. Chen earned his PhD degree from University of Vienna. He engages in phytoplankton ecology of shallow lakes in a long term. He has rich experiences in field detection and monitor and experimental skills in ecology. He has conducted large amounts of in-situ researches on the cyanobacterial blooms. He gave a lecture entitled “Aquatic ecosystem monitoring and research in Lake Poyang, the biggest freshwater lake in China”. Relevant teachers and students presented this academic report. In this academic report, Prof. Chen respectively expounded three parts: 1) the current situations of Lake Poyang; 2) the monitor of wetland ecological systems in Lake Poyang; 3) the influences of human activities on Lake Poyang. He exhibited to the present teachers and students the updated researches and consequences by large amounts of figures and data. In his point of view, the increasing developing of industry in Jiangxi Province was the main reason for the environmental degradation of Lake Poyang, and the preparation for the water-control project might enhance the destroy to lake ecosytems. To reduce the import of nutrients and pollutants, he said, might be the only solution to protect the environment of Lake Poyang. After the excellent report, the audience discussed the topic with Prof. Chen warmly and he answered many questions patiently raised by audience.