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Academic Events

Academic report: Lecture by Prof.Donald L. Smith from McGill University

On the afternoon of October 18th, Prof.Donald L. Smith from McGill University gave an academic lecture in the Collage of Life Sciences of Nanjing Normal University at the invitation ofProf.Bin Lian.The topic of his lecture is“Exploitation of the phytomicrobiome to enhance mitigation and adaptation of agriculture to climate change".

Firstly, Prof. Smith introduced the effects of greenhouse on global climate change and environmental evolution, and he noted that the possible cases in the extreme environment faced by agricultural production such as soil stress, sea level rise, pest migration, crop shifting from C3 to C4. Prof. Smith introduced some study results in his group that the use of the phytomicrobiomeand microbe-to-plant signals to allow good crop growth under high temperature and drought stress, and an important potential mechanism for adapting agriculture to climate change. He pointed out that exploiting the phytomicrobiome constitutes a new opportunity for development of low-input, sustainable practices to improve crop biomass productivity and yield, delivering more biomass from crops and crop residue, leading to greater food production from food crops, and a feedstock for fuel production.

In the Q&A session of the lecture,Prof. Smithgave satisfactory answers to the questions from the audients. The whole process of the lecture was full of pleasant atmosphere.