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Academic Events

[Academic Report] Mechanism of liver damage and regeneration

At the invitation of professor Zhang Zhao of the College of Life Sciences, professor Xu Yong from the Basic Medical College of Nanjing Medical University, came to our school for academic exchange on October 17. Professor Xu Yong is an outstanding scientist and the recipient of the Outstanding Youth Fund of the National Natural Science Foundation of China. Professor Xu gave an academic report entitled " Mechanism of liver damage and regeneration " to the teachers and students in the circular conference room on the third floor of the Life Sciences. More than 60 teachers and students from related fields participated in this academic report. Professor Xu first introduced the research background of liver injury and regeneration, and then introduced the research progress of their group on liver injury and regeneration in recent years. They constructed multiple knockout mice and designed a variety of mouse models of liver injury to study the role of histone modification enzymes in liver injury in vivo. Then, they researched the transcriptional mechanisms involved in liver injury in vitro. After the report, the teachers and students actively discussed with Professor Xu, he carefully answered the questions, and was willing to share the mice to the relevant teachers to do research. The atmosphere of the venue was warm and received high praise from the teachers and students.