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Academic Events

Academic report: Mineral record and reaction mechanism of microorganisms during life events

On the evening of January 19,2018, Prof. Cai Yuanfeng, from College of Earth Sciences and Engineering, Nanjing University, gave an academic report at the multi-purpose lecture hall on the third floor of the Life Science College. Prof. Lian Bin hosted the academic activity. Some teachers and students attended the report.

Biological and mineral effects occur widely in nature. Organisms utilize the materials in the natural environment to synthesize their own minerals, or use the substances in their metabolism and producing abandoned minerals. Prof. Cai introduced the two mechanisms for the bio-mineral form, one is the biological control mineralization and the other is bio-induced mineralization. The process of bio-utilization of minerals causes the migration and precipitation of toxic and harmful elements in the minerals, which can not only have a serious impact on the environment but also eliminate harmful elements in the environment water.

Prof. Cai is a member of the Committee of Mineral Physics and Structure and the Committee of Rock Materials of China Society of Mineralogy and Mineralogy, a member of X-ray Committee of Jiangsu Institute of Physics, and also a registered scientist in Britain (CSci).