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Academic Events

Academic report: Molecular mechanisms of pregnancy establishment and maintenance

Speaker: Prof. Haibin Wang

Host: Prof. Fuliang Du

Time: 1:30 pm, Nov. 4th, 2018

Place: Seminar Hall, College of Life Sciences, Nanjing Normal University


Dr. Haibin Wang, Professor of Medical College of Xiamen University, invited by Professor Fuliang Du, presented a scientific seminar entitled “Molecular mechanisms of pregnancy establishment and maintenance” at College of Life Sciences on Nov 4, 2018.

Professor Wang is "Minjiang scholar" distinguished professor, winner of the National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars, chief scientist of "973" project. He mainly engaged in the research on mechanism of embryo-uterus dialogue, and more than 100 papers were published in international well-known Journals such as Nat Med, J Clin Invest, PNAS.

Professor Wang presented the molecular mechanism of pregnancy establishment and maintenance, and shared the latest scientific progress in his laboratory. Establishment of pregnancy requires both the embryo and the uterus to be ready. The embryo needs to have developmental pluripotency to support the fetal development. The uterus has the " receptivity window" of implantation which the embryo misses the window can’t be implanted normally. Embryo implantation involves interaction between uterine epithelium and stromal cells, and dialogue between embryonic trophoblastic cells and uterine epithelium (embryo-uterus dialogue). Professor Wang further introduced the research progress of his group on embryo-uterus dialogue. TNFα from embryonic trophoblastic cells regulated apoptosis of uterine epithelium through TNFR1- Rac1- P38 pathway. Prof. Su answered many questions with in-depth and broad scientific knowledge. The audience were impressed from his excellent seminar.