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Academic Events

Academic Report: Novel Telomerase Inhibitors

On January 15, 2018, at the circular conference room of the College of Life Sciences of Nanjing Normal University, Professor Vinay Tergaonkar from Molecular Cell Biology Institute of Singapore was invited by Professor Chen Liming to make an academic report. Professor Vinay Tergaonkar made “ Novel Telomerase Inhibitors ” as the theme of this seminar and brought a vivid speech for teachers and students.This report was chaired by Professor Chen Liming, related professional tutors and graduate students from the major of Cell and biochemistry.

During the report, Professor Vinay Tergaonkar focused on the role of telomerase in malignant gliomas. In glioblastoma cells, Cysteine at position 250 of the tet promoter region mutated to Threonine lead to upregulation of tet transcription and reactivation telomerase. This process product protective effect of telomere, which led to the occurrence and development of tumors. Professor Vinay Tergaonkar explain profound theories in simple language, teachers and students gained a lot.

The report was successfully end with enthusiastic applause from the students. Finally, Prof. Chen Liming made a brilliant summary of this influential lecture to help teachers and students better understand the academic theory of Professor Vinay Tergaonkar. At last, sincere thanks and respect was given to Professor Vinay Tergaonkar with the most enthusiastic applause.