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Academic Events

Academic report: Plant virus research in Singapore

Being invited by Dr. Kai Xu, Prof. Sek-Man Wong from National University of Singapore visited College of Life Sciences on October 19th, 2017, and gave a seminar titled “Plant virus research in Singapore”.

Prof. Sek-Man Wong is a world famous plant virologist, and his works focused on Molecular Plant Virology and Nanotechnology by using viral particle to deliver anti-cancer drugs. During his talk, he introduced the progresses of plant virus researches in Singapore and shared his experiences during his scientific career after his graduation from Cornell University 30 years ago. Later on, he shared his research on an internal poly(A) tract found on Tobacco mosaic virus, and provided insights on how this short RNA sequence on viral genomes could affect viral infection.

After his talk, he visited the Institute of Microbiology and Biotechnology, met with other faculty members and joined lab discussion with Dr. Kai Xu’s group. During the discussion, he shared his scientific opinions and provided valuable suggestions for Dr. Xu’s research on the topic of Plant Virology.