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Academic Events

Academic Report: Professor Cui Hongjuan was invited to our university for academic exchange

At the invitation of Professor Chen Liming, Institute of Biochemistry and Biological Products, School of Life Sciences, Professor Cui Hongjuan came to our university for academic exchange on June 28. At 3:00 p.m. in the round meeting room of the School of Life Sciences, Professor Cui Hongjuan gave you a presentation entitled "Histone demethylase MINA epigenetic regulation of glioma development and repair of DNA damage." "Molecular Mechanisms" Academic Report.

In the report, Professor Cui Hongjuan introduced histone demethylase MINA, and introduced a series of functions of histone demethylase MINA. Downregulation of MINA can inhibit the activity of ATM/ATR signaling pathway related to DNA damage repair. It can also induce apoptosis of tumor cells and increase the sensitivity of brain tumor cells to adriamycin, a chemotherapeutic drug. Professor Cui Hongjuan also answered many students. The doubts are of great help to the scientific research work of the present teachers after their birthday

Professor Cui Hongjuan's report has both breadth and depth, as well as spirituality, fully demonstrating the academic charm of biology, triggered a heated discussion between teachers and students, and benefited teachers and students who listened to the report. The meeting ended smoothly with warm applause.