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Academic Events

Academic report: professor Fu li, leader of "breast cancer innovation team" of changjiang scholars award program of ministry of education, was invited to our school for academic exchange

At the invitation of li-ming Chen, professor at the school of life sciences, the ministry of education Yangtze river scholars award "breast cancer innovation team leader" professor Fu li  in July 2019 in the 20 days of academic exchanges, in the afternoon at 3 o 'clock in the college of life science round the conference room for all the teachers and students the academic report titled "the development of breast cancer".

Report, professor fu li introduces the occurrence and development of breast cancer and breast cancer pathology characteristics, let's have a further understanding of breast cancer, in addition, professor Fu li also for infiltrating ductal carcinoma, made a detailed introduction and answer a lot of people to ask questions, to teachers and students present research work has a lot of help in the future. the report ended in the warm applause.