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Academic Events

Academic report: professor liu zhe of basic medical school of tianjin medical university was invited to our school for academic exchange

At the invitation of professor Chen liming, school of life sciences, nanjing normal university, professor liu zhe came to our school for academic exchange on October 18, 2019, and gave an academic report entitled "Lymphocyte mimicry in epithelial cancer metastasis" in the round conference room of the school of life sciences on the afternoon of the same day.

In the report, professor liu zhe mainly introduced the EMT pathway, and also introduced two lymphocyte transcription factors, Aiolos and SpiB, which are highly expressed in small-cell lung cancer cells, as well as their roles and functions in the human body, and answered many questions raised by everyone, which will be of great help to the future scientific research of teachers and students present.

After the report, the teacher and students had an in-depth communication with professor liu zhe on the issues they were interested in.Finally, the report was ended in warm applause from teachers and students.