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Academic Events

Academic report: Rhizosphere Microorganisms and Plant Health

Speaker: Xiaogang Li (Associate Researcher)

Host: Prof. Chuanchao Dai

Time: 10:30 am, Oct. 30th, 2018

At the invitation of key laboratory of microbiology and functional genomics, School of Life Sciences, jiangsu province, Xiaogang Li, associate researcher of nanjing soil institute of Chinese academy of sciences, gave an academic report entitled “Rhizosphere Microorganisms and Plant Health” at School of Life Sciences on Oct 30, 2018. More than 100 teachers and graduate students from related fields attended this seminar.

Associate Researcher Xiaogang Li is mainly engaged in the research on mechanism of soil continuous cropping obstacles and ecological regulation, and more than 30 papers were published in international well-known Journals such as ISME JSoil Biol BiochemPlant SoilJ Hazardous Mater.

At the conference, Associate Researcher Xiaogang Li revealed the microecological mechanism of peanut continuous cropping obstacles in the red soil region of southern China from a unique perspective. His research team found that compared with single-crop peanuts, the bacterial community of continuous cropping peanut rhizosphere soil lacks several key microbes, resulting in a significant decrease in the growth-promoting and disease-resistance of the rhizosphere. This study highlights the critical role of “core microbiome” in the rhizosphere in plant health and pathogen infection management. This report is rich in content and has great inspiration for the teachers and students of our institute to carry out relevant research.