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Academic Events

Academic report: Role of adenosine signaling in erythrocyte

On September 15,2017, Dr. Hong Liu, specially appointed professor at Central South University came to NNU for academic exchangeat the invitation of Prof. Cheng Deng from Jiangsu Key Laboratory for Biodiversity and Biotechnology of the School of Life Sciences at Nanjing Normal University. Dr. Hong Liu gave a talk entitled" Role of adenosine signaling in erythrocyte" at 12:00 pm on sep 15 at the round meeting room of School of Life Science.
In this presentation, he introduced the damages caused by high-altitude hypoxia, and described the beneficial role of erythrocyte adenosine a2B receptor–mediated AMP-activated protein kinase activation in high-altitude hypoxia. His lab's human and mouse studies reveal novel mechanisms of hypoxia adaptation and potential therapeutic approaches for counteracting hypoxia-induced tissue damage. Dr. Hong Liu had in-depth academic exchanges with the attending teachers and students after the presentation. He also conducted deep exchanges for further cooperation with Prof. Deng's lab.