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Academic Events

Academic report: Soil's Biocontrol Force

Speaker: Prof. Wietse de Boer

Host: Prof. Chuanchao Dai

Time: 9:30 am, Oct. 30th, 2018

At the invitation of key laboratory of microbiology and functional genomics, School of Life Sciences, jiangsu province, Prof. Wietse de Boer of Wageningen University gave an academic report entitled “Soil's Biocontrol Force” at School of Life Sciences on Oct 30, 2018. More than 100 teachers and graduate students from related fields attended this seminar.

Prof. Wietse de Boer is senior researcher at the department of Microbial Ecology of the Netherlands Institute of Ecology. He is also connected to the Wageningen University as professor of Soil Microbial Ecology. He has been engaged in long-term research on interactions between bacteria and fungi in soil and the mechanism of soil antifungal, and more than 200 papers were published in international well-known Journals such as NatureNature CommunicationsPNASISME JEcology Letters.

At the conference, Prof. Wietse de Boer gave a detailed introduction on how to control soil-borne diseases, an important issue in agricultural production. He said that there was an important interaction between soil microbial populations. By artificially inoculating antagonist bacteria or bacterial group, combined with volatile antibacterial substances, can effectively inhibit pathogens in soil and alleviate soil-borne diseases. The method of biological control of soil microbial groups by indigenous microorganisms has great potential for application in sustainable agriculture. The contents of the report are profound and simple, and the viewpoints are novel and unique, which has aroused widespread interest among the teachers and students present.