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Academic Events

Academic report: Stem Cell Technology: Past, Present and Future

          Dr. Xu Xiaochun, Professor at the Institute of Molecular Medicine, Peking University, Director-general of PKU•Boya Cooperative Translation Medicine Center, and Chairman of BoyaLife Group, at the invitation of Prof. Du Fuliang from Jiangsu Key Laboratory for Molecular and Medical Biotechnology and Laboratory of Transformation Genomics and Embryo Engineering in School of Life Sciences of NNU, came to NNU and delivered a report for academic visit and exchanges. The seminar was held at 1:30 p.m. in the round meeting room of School of Life Sciences on the third floor on June 16, 2016. The title of the report was Stem Cell Technology: Past, Present and Future. Numerous teachers and graduate students from School of Life Sciences attended the seminar.
          In his report, Dr. Xu introduced the research and development of stem cell technology for translation medicine, and pointed out the significance of stem cell in treating human diseases. Dr. Xu analyzed the applications of stem cell technology, the global leading advantage of Boyalife in stem cell therapy and its industry layout in the future biological age. He argued that personalized medicine represented by stem cell technology will become the core technology influencing the future of clinical medicine, and lead to a revolution in medical and life science. At the same time, he also introduced the prospect of cloning technology commercialization (nuclear transfer of somatic cell), and pointed out that customer-tailored cloning service will gradually mature to a certain industrial scale.
         Dr. Xu discussed the heated and key issues in this field with teachers and students from the School of Life Sciences. All members at the seminar benefited a lot and the seminar was a complete success. (Contributed by School of Life Sciences)