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Academic Events

Academic report: Stromal Niche as Regulator of Stemness and Metastasis.

At the invitation of professor Chen limin of school of life sciences, nanjing normal university, professor kang yibin, department of molecular biology, Princeton university, came to our school for academic exchange on October 21, 2019. At 9:00 a.m. on the same day, he gave an academic report titled "Stromal Niche as Regulator of Stemness and Metastasis "in the multi-functional lecture hall of the school of life sciences.

In the report, professor kang yibin introduced the importance of Niche in the development of breast cancer and the metastasis of breast cancer, and gave a detailed introduction of his scientific research work, and answered some questions in the experiments that the teachers and students were interested in.

Professor kang yibin's rigorous and realistic scientific attitude and unique scientific research perspective inspired all the teachers and students present.In the whole report meeting, professor kang yibin's rigorous scientific research content and outstanding research results attracted the participants present and won warm applause from the teachers and students present.