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Academic Events

Academic report: the immune defense mechanisms of aquatic invertebrate

On November 15, 2017, Dr. Linsheng Song, the vice president of Dalian Ocean University, came to Nanjing Normal University for an academic exchange at the invitation of Prof. Wen Wang from Jiangsu Key Laboratory for Aquatic Crustacean Diseases of NNU. Dr.Song gave a talk entitled" The immune defense mechanisms of aquatic invertebrate" at the round meeting room of School of Life Science.

In this presentation, he mainly  elaborated  the following aspects: 1. research background; 2. the composition and application of marine invertebrates immune pathways; 3. Marine invertebrates immunity to adjust the animal disease prevention and control. Dr. Song had in-depth academic exchanges with the attending teachers and students after the presentation. He also conducted deep exchanges for further cooperation with Prof. Wang's lab. All members at the seminar benefited a lot.