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Academic Events

Academic report:Dr. Cao Huansheng from Arizona State University was invited to our school for academic exchange

At the invitation of the school of life sciences, Assistant Professor Cao from the Biodesign Institute of Arizona State University came to our university for academic exchange on May 29. At 14:00 p.m. in the Room 101, North Building, the school of Life Sciences, Dr. Cao gave an academic report entitled “Population Genetic diversity of blooming cyanobacteria during an annual cycle". Teachers and graduate students in related attended this seminar.

Dr. Cao is mainly engaged in the research on cyanobacteria bloom, systematic biology and bioinformatics, more than 40 papers were published in international well-known journals such as Briefings in Bioinformatics and DNA Research. He is an editor of Scientific World Journal, as well as the reviewer of the Earth and Life Sciences Division, the Research Grants Council ,BMC Genomics, Water Research, and Environmental Pollution.

In the report, Dr. Cao using Metagenomic Analysis, introduced the genotype of the Cyanobacterial Community. The Operational Taxonomic Units were used to classify the genotypes of cyanobacterial bloom in the lake at different stages. His report fully demonstrates the genotypes of cyanobacterial bloom in the same region differed from time to time. Dr. Cao’s report triggered a heat discussion among the present teachers and students. Teachers and students who listen to the report benefit a lot. The conference ended smoothly with warm applause.