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Academic Events

Academic report:Professor Wang Qun from East China Normal University was invited to our school for academic exchange

At the invitation of College of Life Sciences & College of Marine Science and Engineering, Nanjing Normal University and Institute of Zoology, Professor Wang Qun from the East China Normal University came to our university for academic exchange on the May 23, 2019, at 3:00 p.m. in conference room 116. Professor Wang gave an exciting academic lecture entitled “Pathogen-specific Binding soluble Down syndrome cell adhesion Molecule (Dscam) regulates Phagocytosis via Membrane-Bound Dscam in crab”. This report was conducted by Professor Wang Wen. Teachers and graduate students in related attended this seminar.

Professor Wang is executive vice President of school of life sciences, east China normal university, doctoral supervisor, director of Chinese crustacean society, and standing director of Shanghai zoological society. He is mainly engaged in the scientific research of crustacean molecular immunology and reproductive biology, and has published 143 academic papers, including more than 90 SCI papers. As the first author and corresponding author, she published 77 papers on SCI journals like Frontiers in Immunology, Developmental and Comparative Immunology, Biology of Reproduction and other SCI journals. It has been funded by 5 national natural science foundation projects, as well as basic key projects of Shanghai municipal science and technology commission, innovative key projects of Shanghai municipal education commission, and doctoral program fund of ministry of education.

Professor Wang introduced the Dascam gene research on Chinese mitten crab step by step from the memorabilia of the Dscam gene function research on arthropods to the research results on Dscam gene in different periods. The emphasis is on the two types of Dscam gene. After secretory EsDscam specifically binds to pathogens, transmembranous EsDscam regulates cell phagocytosis. Professor Wang’ s report triggered a heat discussion among the present teachers and students. Teachers and students who listen to the report benefit a lot. The conference ended smoothly with warm applause.

After the lecture, professor Wang was invited to visit the school of Marine Science and Engineering, and had in-depth and detailed communication with the teachers of aquatic science, and put forward valuable opinions on the teachers' scientific research work and subject development.