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Academic Events

Academic report:Regulation of cell cycle and targeted cancer therapy

On November 20, 2017, Prof. Kang Tiebang, from Sun Yat-sen University, at the invitation of Prof. Chen Liming from Biochemistry and Biological Product Institute of Nanjing Normal University College of Life Sciences, came to our college and gave a talk entitled “Regulation of cell cycle and targeted cancer therapy”. The teachers and students from the institute participated in this report, and the report was presided over by Prof. Chen Liming.

During this report, Prof. Kang lively and rigorous introduced the treatment through cell cycle and tumor targeted therapy, and started the report with SSB1, not only to share how to enhance the ability of scientific research thinking, but also reflects the value and significance of the research on the accurate treatment of tumor.

After the meeting, teachers and students discussed with Professor Kang with confused questions, Professor Kang carefully answered to everyone. A strong academic atmosphere was created at the meeting place and harvest was quite fruitful.