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On Oct 28th, 2019, a lecture on “Application of Proteomics in Molecular Pathological Research” was delivered to the Ph.D students and some faculties at the School of Life Science as scheduled time. The speaker of the lecture is Doctor Ningwe Zhao, an associate professor from Jiangsu Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine and a research professorship from Shimadzu Biomedical Research Laboratory. Doctor Zhao is an expert in the area of Proteomic research and has done much of valuable works on inflammatory diseases and cancers. He is currently in charge of peer reviewers for several international journals regarding biomedical research, such as Journal of Biological Chemistry, Journal of Proteomics, and Clinical Proteomics, etc.

Proteomic techniques are the methods for analysis of the large repertoire of proteins in a human cell, procedures for analysis of membrane proteins are highly specialized. Over the past decade, a suite of new mass-spectrometry-based proteomics methods has been developed that now enables the conformational properties of proteins and protein-ligand complexes to be studied in complex biological mixtures, from cell lysates to intact cells. Based on a brief introduction to the concept of mass spectrum, proteomics classification, Doctor Zhao highlighted several approaches in biomedical research and the good examples of their applications, such as systems “proteomics of liver mitochondria function”, “proteogenomic characterization of human colon and rectal cancer”, “PCT-SWATH/DIA: Rapid mass  spectrometric conversion of tissue biopsy  samples into permanent quantitative digital proteome maps” and “A proteomic landscape  of diffuse-type gastric cancer”. At the final, Doctor Zhao read through two research articles from Prof. Zhimin Yin and himself laboratories together with audients to show how they revealed the mechanisms underlying drug resistance of cancer treatment and cardiac protective role of TAII on heart hypertrophy by using proteomics. 

About 20 Ph.D and postgraduate students as well as several faculties from related fields attended the lecture. After the lecture, Doctor Zhao answered the questions from the ground of lecture hall and helped students to figure out the problem in their study. The lecture was hosted by Professor Zhigang Guo and Zhao Zhang of the School of Life Sciences. 



                                          By School of Life Science

                                            Nov 1, 2019