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Academic Events

Academic report:Singapore Temasek Life Sciences Laboratory Yu Fengwei was invited to our school for academic exchange

At the invitation of Professor Chen Liming, School of Life Sciences,Temasek Life Sciences Laboratory YuFeng wei researcher on June 14 days in the academic exchanges, at 3:00 in the round the conference room of the college of Life science, YuFeng wei, a researcher at present the topic for everyone "Mechanisms of Dendrite Pruning of Nociceptive chipmaker Neurons in Drosophila" academic report.

In the report, researcher Yu Fengwei introduced his recent research on dendritic shearing in nerve shearing using Drosophila melanogaster as a model organism. Researcher Yu Fengwei's report language is humorous and interesting, the explanation is clear and easy to understand, fully demonstrates the academic charm of biology, and broadens the academic horizons of teachers and students. After the report, the teachers and students had a heated discussion on the content of the report. Finally, the report will be successfully concluded with warm applause.