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Academic Events

Academic report:Sustainable base cation supply, nutrient cycling and carbon allocation in boreal forest soils: the role of ectomycorrhizal fungi

On the morning of April 12, Professor Roger D. Finlay, Department of Forest Fungi and Plant Pathology, Sweden Agricultural University and Sweden's Uppsala Biological Center, gave an academic report in the conference room 402, School of Life Science. Professor Lian presided over this academic activity and some teachers and graduate students listened to the report.

This report was mainly involved in the mechanism of fungal and bacterial weathering minerals. According to experiments conducted in the field and in the laboratory, the biological and microbial ecology of interactions between ectomycorrhizal fungi, bacteria and minerals and organic substrates in the northern forest were investigated. Professor Roger D. Finlay also discussed in the simulation of the Cenozoic era of atmospheric carbon dioxide decline, the weathering weakening of the root-bound fungi. After Professor Roger D. Finlay’s report was completed, teachers and students asked some questions and Professor Roger D. Finlay gave the satisfactory answer to them. The whole process of exchange was full of pleasant academic atmosphere.

Professor Roger D. Finlay currently focuses on mycorrhizal symbiosis, ectomycorrhiza-bacteria interactions, and the role of fungi in mineral weathering. Prof. Roger D. Finlay is a member of Swedish Royal Society of Science. He has published 142 papers in international mainstream academic journals, citing 6870 times and h index 47 (ISI).