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Topic: Mineral record and reaction mechanism of microorganisms during life events

Speaker: Prof. Yuanfeng Cai

Time: 19:00 pm, January 19, 2018

Place: The circular meeting room on the third floor, Xingzhi Building, College of Life Sciences,Nanjing Normal University


At the invitation of College of Life Sciences, Prof. Yuanfeng Cai, from College of Earth Sciences and Engineering, Nanjing University, will conduct an academic exchange at Nanjing Normal University.

Yuanfeng Cai, graduated from Changchun Geological College in 1991 and obtained a doctorate degree in mineralogy from College of Earth Sciences of Nanjing University in 2004. He is a professor and doctoral tutor of the College of Earth Sciences and Engineering of Nanjing University. He is a member of the Committee of Mineral Physics and Structure and the Committee of Rock Materials of China Society of Mineralogy and Mineralogy, and a member of X-ray Committee of Jiangsu Institute of Physics, and also a registered scientist in Britain (CSci). Prof. Yuanfeng Cai will introduce the mechanism of bio-mineralization and eco-environmental effects as well as the mineral record and response mechanism of micro-organisms in the life process.

Welcome to attend the lecture!