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PRMT1 is critical to FEN1 expression and drug resistance in lung cancer cells

Lung cancer is currently one of the leading causes of mortality, and chemotherapeutic drug resistance remains a major challenge in lung cancer treatment. The up-regulation of PRMT1 is critical to the cell growth and cancer progression of lung cancer cells, but the detailed mechanism remains unclear. Our group found that PRMT1 is important to the DNA repair ability and drug resistance of lung cancer cells. We identified Flap endonuclease 1 (FEN1) as a post-translationally modified downstream target protein of PRMT1, which is critical to the DNA repair ability and the chemotherapeutic drug resistance of lung cancer cells.


The above results have been accepted by DNA Repair (Volume 95, November 2020, 102953). Lingfeng He, ZHigang Hu and Yuling Sun are co-first authors. Dr. Feiyan Pan, Dr.Shaochang Jia and Prof.Zhigang Guo are co-corresponding authors. The research work was cooperated by Nanjing Normal University and Jinlin Hospital of Nanjing University.



Received 20 April 2020, Revised 30 July 2020, Accepted 12 August 2020, Available online 20 August 2020.