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Changfa Zhou Professor

Research Interests: 
  • Taxonomy
  • Systematics and Ecology of Chinese Mayflies
  • Evolution and Phylogeny of Pterygota
  • Evolutionary Theory

Educational Background

  • PhD, Zoology, NankaiUniversity (2002)
  • MA, Zoology, Nanjing Normal University (1997)
  • BA, Biology, Nanjing Normal University (1994)

Research Projects

The evolutionary pattern and ecological adaptation of mayfly subimago (the National Natural Science Foundation of China, Grant 31472023, 2015-2018)

Journal Articles

  • Zhou C-F. 2016. SEM and Digital Morphology of Siphluriscus chinensis Ulmer (Ephemeroptera: Siphluriscidae). Biology of Inland Waters (Suppl. 3): 157-168.
  • Zhou C-F. 2010. Accessory gills in mayflies (Ephemeroptera). Stuttgarter Beiträge zur Naturkunde A (Neue Serie), 3: 79–84.
  • Zhou C-F, J Peters. 2003. The nymph of Siphluriscus chinensis and additional imaginal description: a living mayfly with Jurassic origins (Siphluriscidae new family: Ephemeroptera). Florida Entomologist, 86(3): 345-352.
  • Zhou C-F, D Braasch. 2003. EineneueGattung und Art der Heptageniidae ausdemostlichen China (Ephemeroptera). EntomologischeNachrichten und Berichte, 47: 147-151.
  • Zhou C-F, L-Y Zheng. 2001. A new species of the genus NeoephemeraMcDunnough from China (Ephemeroptera: Neoephemeridae). Aquatic insects, 23 (4): 327-330.


  • Zhou C-F, C-R Su, H Gui. 2015. Outline of Chinese Mayfly. Beijing: Science Press, pp. 310 (in Chinese).
  • Zhou C-F.2012. The Origin and Development of Evolutionary Theory. Beijing: Science Press, pp. 323 (in Chinese).
  • Zhou C-F, G Yang.2011. The Status and Concept of Species. Beijing: Science Press, pp. 205 (in Chinese).
  • Zhou C-F, Q Zhao, W Gao, J-H Dai, H-Y Sun. 2010. Photographic atlas and student field guide to common animals of Mountain areas in eastern China. Beijing: Higher Education Press, pp. 269 (in Chinese).
  • Zhou C-F.2009. Principles of Evolution and Systematics. Beijing: Science Press, pp. 302 (in Chinese).

Honors and Awards

  • Jiangsu Provincial Micro-lecture Awards (second rank, 2015)
  • Excellent Post-doctor of Nanjing Normal University (2006)
  • Prize of Zhou Rao Insect Taxonomy (second rank, 2004)


Academic Title

  • Secretary of Jiangsu Zoological Society
  • CommitteeMember on Youth Affairs of the Entomological Society of China