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Guangfu Zhang Associate Professor

Research Interests: 
  • Biodiversity and Interaction between Plants and Animals
  • Conservation Biology of Rare and Endangered Plant Species in East China
  • Monitoring and Maintenance Mechanism of Plant Biodiversity

Educational Background

Visiting scholar, Plant ecology, Stanford University (2011)
PhD, Ecology, East China Normal University (1999)
MA, Botany, Anhui Normal University (1996)

Research Projects:

  • Habitat Protection and Reintroduction of a Rare and Endangered Species: Emmenopterys henryi. Forestry Bureau Project, Jiangsu Province (No. LYSX[2016]54).
  • The Second Survey of Important Wild Plants for Conservation in China (Jiangsu). State Forestry Bureau Project (2013-2016).

 Journal Articles:

  • Guangfu Zhang*, Rui Yao. The spinescent aquatic plants in the Yangtze Delta, East China. Israel Journal of Plant Sciences, 2017, 64:10-18(SCI). DOI 10.1080/07929978.2017.1279440 (*corresponding author)
  • Gunagfu Zhang*, Rui Yao, Yueqian Jiang, Fuchen Chen, Wenyan Zhang. Intraspecific and interspecific competition intensity of the rare and endangered tree Parrotia subaequalis in different habitats. Chinese Journal of Ecology, 2016, 35(7): 1744-1750.
  • Meng Fengquan, Zhang Guangfu, Li Xincheng, Niklas Karl J, Sun Shuncun. Growth synchrony between leaves and stems during twig development differs among plant functional types of subtropical rainforest woody species. Tree Physiology, 2015, 35(6): 621-631(SCI).
  • Wei Li, Guangfu Zhang*. Population structure and spatial pattern of the endemic and endangered subtropical tree Parrotia subaequalis (Hamamelidaceae). Flora, 2015, 212:10-18(SCI).
  • Gong Bin, Zhang Guangfu*. Interactions between plants and herbivores: A review of plant defense. Acta Ecologica Sinica, 2014, 34: 325-336.
  • Wei Li, Ruixue Wang, Guangfu Zhang*, Chen Pan. Point pattern analysis of ex-situ population of Taxus wallichiana var. mairei. Chinese Journal of Ecology, 2014, 33(1): 16-22.
  • RuixueWang, Guangfu Zhang*, Jingjing Sun. Leaf lifespan of major evergreen trees and correlation with herbivory frequency from Baohuashan, Jiangsu Province. Chinese Journal of Ecology,2014, 33(6): 1459-1466.
  • Yangjie Xia, Jianqiang Tang, Guangfu Zhang*, Chao Huang, Fengqun Meng, Shucun Sun. First and second sets of shoots in five evergreen woody species from Tiantong National Forest Park of Zhejiang, China. Chinese Journal of Plant Ecology, 2013, 37(3): 220-229.
  • Linlin Wang, Guangfu Zhang*, Lei Wang, Xie He, Feng Ge, Junying Zhou. Comparative toxic effects of herbicide paraquat on three species of Lemnaceae. Chinese Journal of Ecology, 2013, 32(6): 1551-1556.
  • Lin Li, Guangfu Zhang*, Rui Wang, Guo Sun, Mingshui Zhao. Life table of natural Ginkgo biloba population in Tianmu Mountain Nature Reserve. Chinese Journal of Ecology, 2011, 30(1): 53-58 (Selected in F5000).


  • Illustrations of rare plants in Jiangsu Province (The first associate editor), Nanjing: Nanjing Normal University Press, 2016.
  • Technology and methods of pesticide aquatic organism criteria (Editorial border member), Beijing: Science Press, 2014.
  • Flora of Jiangsu (Vol. 2) (Editorial border member), Nanjing: Phoenix Science Press, 2013.
  • Plant diversity of Banqiao Natural Reserve in Anhui Province (Sole author). Nanjing: Nanjing Normal University, 2007

 Honors and Awards

  • “Top 10 Excellent Young Teachers” from Nanjing Normal University during “The 7th Teaching Competition”, 2009.
  • “Excellent Tutor for Graduate” from Nanjing Normal University for “Guiding Graduate Students on Practice Activities”, 2007.
  • “Second Prize” from Jiangsu Province Education Department for “Outstanding Higher Education Achievements”, 2005.

Academic Title

  • Vice-Chairperson and member of China Plant Specialist Group, the Species Survival Commission, IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Natural and Natural Resources).
  • Expert of Ecological Environment Evaluation in Jiangsu Province.
  • Reviewer of Journal of Plant Ecology, Chinese Journal of Ecology, Chinese Biodiversity, Journal of Lake Sciences, etc.