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Guanzhu Han Professor

Research Interests: 
  • Virus Evolution, Evolution of Infectious Diseases, Paleovirology
  • Microbial Diversity and Ecology
  • Evolution of Virus-Host Interaction
  • Molecular Evolution, Evolutionary Genomics, Phylogenetics

Educational Background

Ph.D., Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, University of Arizona (2014)

B.S., Biotechnology, Shandong Normal University (2009)

Journal Articles

  • Gong Z, Gao Y, Han GZ. (2016). Zika virus: two lineages or three lineages? Trends in Microbiology 24:521-522.
  • Song J, Zhai P, Zhang Y, Zhang C, Sang H, Han GZ, Keller NP, Lu L. (2016). The Aspergillus fumigatus damage resistance protein family coordinately regulates ergosterol biosynthesis and azole susceptibility. mBio 7:e01919-15
  • Du L, Han GZ. (2016). Deciphering MERS-CoV evolution in dromedary camels. Trends in Microbiology 24:87-89.
  • Wang C, Li S, Han GZ. (2016). Commentary: Plant auxin biosynthesis did not originate in charophytes. Frontiers in Plant Science 7:158.
  • Chen R, Han GZ. (2016). Dengue in China: comprehensive phylogenetic evaluation reveals evidence of endemicity and complex genetic diversity. American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene 94: 198-202.
  • Han GZ. (2015). Extensive retroviral diversity in shark. Retrovirology 12: 34. 
  • Wang C, Liu Y, Li SS, Han GZ. (2015). Insights into the origin and evolution of plant hormone signaling machinery. Plant Physiology 167: 872-886. 
  • [Highlighted by On the Inside in the same issue of Plant Physiology]
  • Han GZ, Worobey M. (2015). A primitive endogenous lentivirus in a colugo: insights into the early evolution of lentiviruses. Molecular Biology and Evolution 32 (1): 211-215.
  • Wang C, Liu Y, Li SS, Han GZ. (2014). Origin of plant auxin biosynthesis in charophyte algae. Trends in Plant Science 19: 741–743.
  • Worobey M, Han GZ, Rambaut A. (2014). A synchronized global sweep of the internal genes of modern avian influenza virus. Nature 508: 254–257. 
  • [See also a News article by H. Hoag in Nature and a Research Highlight article by U. Hofer in Nature Reviews Microbiology]
  • Worobey M, Han GZ, Rambaut A. (2014). Genesis and pathogenesis of the 1918 influenza pandemic. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 111: 8107-8112. 
  • [See also a Commentary article by S. Riley in PNAS]
  • Han GZ, Worobey M. (2014). Endogenous viral sequences from the Cape golden mole (Chrysochloris asiatica) reveal the presence of foamy viruses in all major placental mammal clades. PLOS ONE 9: e97931.
  • Han GZ, Worobey M. (2012). An endogenous foamy-like viral element in the coelacanth genome. PLOS Pathogens 8: e1002790. 
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  • Han GZ, Worobey M. (2011). Homologous recombination in negative sense RNA viruses. Viruses 3: 1358-1373.
  • Han GZ, Boni MF, Li S. (2010). No observed effect of homologous recombination on the evolution of influenza C virus. Virology Journal 7: 227. 
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  • Wang D, Fan W, Han GZ, He C. (2009). The selection pressure analysis of chicken anemia virus structural protein gene VP1. Virus Genes 38: 259-262.
  • Sun X, Wu K, Zhao Y, Kong F, Han GZ, Jiang H, Huang X, Li R, Wang H, Li S. (2009). QTL analysis for kernel shape and weight using recombinant inbred lines in wheat. Euphytica 165: 615-624. 
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  • Han GZ, Liu X, Li S. (2008). Cross-species recombination in the haemagglutinin gene of canine distemper virus. Virus Research 136: 198-201.
  • Han GZ, Liu X, Li S. (2008). Homologous recombination is unlikely to play a major role in influenza B virus evolution. Virology Journal 5: 65. 
  • He C, Han GZ, Wang D, Liu W, Li G, Liu X, Ding N. (2008). Homologous recombination evidence in human and swine influenza A viruses. Virology 380: 12-20.
  • Li L, Wang J, Guo Y, Jiang F, Xu Y, Wang Y, Pan H, Han GZ, Li R, Li S. (2008). Development of SSR makers from ESTs of gramineous species and their chromosome location on wheat. Progress in Natural Science 18: 1485-1490.

Chapters in Scholarly Books

Worobey M, Han GZ. (2013). The origins and diversification of HIV. In, Sande's HIV/AIDS Medicine: Medical Management of AIDS 2013. Volberding PA, Greene WC, Lange J, Gallant JE, and Sewankambo N Ed. (Saunders Elsevier, Philadelphia). 

Honors and Awards

Galileo Circle Scholarship, University of Arizona (2013)

The Robert W. Hoshaw Memorial Scholarship, University of Arizona (2013)

Grand Prize in the 11th Challenge Cup National Contest for Academic and Scientific Achievements among University Students, China (2009)

National Scholarship of the People’s Republic of China (2008)

First Prize in the 10th Challenge Cup National Contest for Academic and Scientific Achievements among University Students, China (2007)

President Scholarship, Shandong Normal University, China (2007)

Academic Services

Reviewer for: Molecular Biology and Evolution, Trends in Microbiology, PLOS Genetics, Plant Physiology, Molecular Plant, Journal of Virology, Journal of Clinical Microbiology, Virology, Vaccine, Viruses, Virology Journal, Journal of Wildlife Diseases, Scientific Reports, Evolutionary Applications, Journal of Experimental Zoology Part B: Molecular and Developmental Evolution.